Time Travel Photography: Blending Centuries in a Single Image

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Photo: Jim Adams

Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look in unexpected places. Like the past. Whidbey Island, WA photographer Jim Adams has done something you don’t see every day: time travel photography. He finds a location that presents a compelling image, does a ton of research to find historical images, and then carefully overlays old with new to blend decades – even centuries – into a single image. Time travel! By pushing the envelope of what it means to craft an image, he has reinvented and remixed landscape photography in an intriguing way. I’ve touched on this before – the value of the unexpected. Whether it’s a new subject, pushing the boundaries of location or changing your perspective. There is new and fertile subject matter out there. Click through the tabs above to check out some of this skillfully crafted work.

Check out more of Jim’s work here

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