Bold Advertising —The Miraculous Enlightenment of Kenny Riordon

This is an example of bold creative thinking in advertising. I wish more ads were like this. It’s brilliant storytelling and just plain fun to watch.

Enjoy your weekend.

John Barclay says:

I guess I’m not the target audience. The Ad did nothing for me.

Ha! Best part was the “Dan Smith will teach you guitar” poster in the background. Good NYC inside joke.

faisal says:

Very well executed. Kudos to Virgin.

Sean says:

Corporate consumerism wrapped in hipster drivel wrapped in a vest. A few sprinkles of low-brow sexual innuendo to bring it down to the sitcom watchers’ level and bingo – you have a lousy commercial.

Grover says:

agreed….puerile drivel.

Chase says:

Hipster art with an ad agency trying to hard to make you remember the product.

David says:

Only Virgin would cross the line so deftly from advertising to story telling, we dont mind getting sucked in … cause theres intelligent eye candy to watch.
Back in the day, I would pump up my pay/talk time on a virgin, and the auto sexy voice would say,
“Oooo … was that good for you too?”
They remind me of you Chase; push boundaries, mix genres, confuse stereotypes, but be creative about it.

Amitpal says:

Liked The Advertisement was that you chase in that cartoon character …

Dwayne says:

Wow this was awesome! I’m getting Virgin mobile now lol. It’s a bit long but you get really into it and is so entertaining.

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