Emerging Talent — The Surreal Imagery of Martin Marcisovsky

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Dublin-based photographer Martin Marcisovsky captures subjects placed in distinctly dream-like landscapes. There is a feeling of voyeurism as you look at these lonely figures. The subjects seem to be either lost in their own contemplations or moving forward on some sort of mystery quest with their backs to the viewer. Lord of the Rings meets Dune with a dash of Salvador Dali – sometimes fantasy, sometimes sci-fi these surreal presentations of the deep corners of the artist’s mind are wildly creative. Click through images above to enter some awesomely bizarre worlds.

I asked the artist to elaborate a bit on these insanely cool images:

“Whether the subject is a child or an adult, they each evoke their own level of self-discovery. Essentially, there are two ways to interpret each image—as a representation of feeling lost and isolated or a visual interpretation of contemplatively being in tune with oneself. It’s up to the viewer’s own intuitive perspective to decide how they interpret the intriguing series of works.”

View more of Martin’s work here.

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