Nikon D600 Camera is Here. It’s FULL FRAME, but What Do YOU Think?

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Nikon D600 via B&H

Alright photo friends, gear geeks, and camera droolers…

UPDATE: The debate continues below on Nikon’s newly released D600. Win or fail?
Big announcement today at Haus of Gaga Nikon. Another news bomb just got dropped – the much-anticipated Nikon D600 is here. Not unlike the D4 and D800 before it, I’ve known about its imminent arrival for some time. But for the first time in quite some time, the specs on this camera have exceeded some expectations for a lower-numbered not “pro” body. On the other hand, it seems to be sort of “on par” with Canon’s similar price pointed stuff (7D) that was released 2 years ago.

Here’s some highlighted specs:

_24.3MP FX-Format (ie FULL frame) CMOS Sensor
_1080/30 or 720/60 HD Video Capture
_10 or 20 Mbps Video Capture modes
_100-6400 ISO – Expandable to 50-25600
_5.5 fps Continuous Shooting
_39 Wide-Area AF Focus Points
_Stereo Mic & Headphone Inputs
_HDMI out signal
_Wi-Fi Connectivity with Optional Adapter

(To see a range of images of the camera, click thru image tabs atop this page)

There are several curve balls for me that may have been rumored on the tech sites, but that Nikon actually delivered on this time around… The FULL FRAME move was a good one. A 600 series camera – smaller than it’s recent brethren – at full frame and with all the alloy frame and weather sealing of a high end pro body make this a tempting backup body for some pros, despite its small size and relatively cheap price tag of $2099.

Now, the megapixels. There’s a lot of em, but it seems like the right amount, not overkill like the D800. The fact that its sensor is large makes these megapixels a little tastier too.

Also, FINALLY this is geared more toward video…1080p, audio jack, HDMI out, we get 60p slow mo, and … it has variable bit rate.

The best news? I heard this thing is supposed to ship in just 6 days on Sept 19th.

Disappointments? No 1080/60 (ie slow mo video at full resolution). Bummer. The ISO sensitivity (and perhaps quality of that senstivity) has also been held back from what’s possible with other Nikon cameras. That has really shaped up lately to be Nikon’s ace in the hole – something that they’re doing better than anyone else. Also, probably should have put this atop the list of disappointments…where is the innovation? This is a great camera for the price, but Canon 7D and other have had similar specs for nearly 2 years. Hmmmmm.

(and my buddy DH is pissed that it only syncs at 1/200…because he’s a flasher…)

But beyond that… Please note I HAVE NOT touched one of these cameras, and like the D4, D800, NO I didn’t shoot the campaign. I haven’t yet spent time with the camera to tell you any gory details, although I’m assuming I’ll be able to chat more soon.

The look and feel of this camera? Click thru a range of images of the camera via the above tabs.

So.. I (we?) knew this was coming, but rather than me spouting off about having played with it (I can’t), or telling you what your feelings about this system should be (I won’t), let’s hear from you…

Love, hate, indifferent? Insights?

[Reminder that Nikon plays close attention to this blog, so your comments on this post – glowing or otherwise – might help inform Nikon about what your thinking.]

Link to all the Nikon D600 details and/or purchase here via B&H.

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