Selling Your Creative Vision [September 26th]

UPDATE:the LIVE broadcast is TODAY. Check out the post below and be sure to tune into tomorrow — 11am SEA time (2pm NYC -19:00 London) — and enjoy the show. See you on air in a few…

If you’ve been around my blog or this community for long, you’ll know that my focus is photography and directing, but most of all my guiding mantra is about living a more creative life – whether a photographer, filmmaker, designer, chef, painter, dancer, whatever. While we LOVE to focus on tapping into our “creative side” – take it from me, if you ever want to have a chance at earning a REAL LIVING with your creativity (or, hell, even making even a dime with your work) then being able to PITCH and SELL your work is essential. Don’t make me say that twice. The age-old idea of the starving artist is a sad, boring, and tired one. Better learn to talk about, position, pitch and sell what you make.

As such, you’ll want to tune into my upcoming episode of chasejarvisLIVE where my guest will be Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything and purveyor of more than $500 Million (yeah- read that twice) in successful pitches in a variety of industries. He and his book – and a simple framework of how to make YOU and YOUR WORK become “the prize” — has helped me perhaps more than any other book on “selling” AND I think he can help you too. Put these details on your calendar and watch the video below:

WHO: You, Me, Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything + a worldwide gathering of creative people
WHAT: Interview, discussion + a worldwide Q&A
WHEN: Wednesday, September 26th, 11:00am Seattle time (2pm NYC time or 19:00 London)
WHERE: Tune into It’s free — anyone can watch and we’ll be taking YOUR questions via Twitter, hashtag #cjLIVE

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Chase Jarvis Live from Oren Klaff on Vimeo.

Any of this resonate with you?

_ ever had anxiety about how to present your work to a client?
_are you confident with your skill as an artist – but discouraged by your ability to get paying work?
_have you ever seen a major campaign/exhibition and thought, “I can do better photos/film/copy than that?” …and wondered why you’re not getting the job?
_do you know that the demand for creatives going UP and is one of the fastest growing segments?

I already know your answer to those questions above. So don’t miss this mission-critical episode of chasejarvis LIVE on September 26th at 11am Seattle time.

1. In order to pimp the show and help bring together another ginormous worldwide online audience, Oren will be giving away 2 signed copies of his book “Pitch Anything.” To enter to score one of these books, send out a creative and interesting tweet that contains the URL (or short URL) to THIS post + @pitchanything + hashtag #cjLIVE starting NOW and ending at the beginning of the show on Wednesday, September 26th. Enter as many times (tweets) as you want — tweet and retweet — we’ll be watching for the most creative shoutouts.

2. And…this is HUGE. If you want to score a private consultation with Oren tune in during the show and we’ll tell you how to enter – gotta watch to nail this one…

If you want to be part of the live, in-studio audience, send an email to with “Pitch Anything” in the subject line. Winners will receive a confirmation email with attendance instructions. Bonus points for tweeting about the show and sending folks here.

Special thanks to our cjLIVE show sponsors: HP, Broncolor, Manfrotto and B&H. We genuinely love what they do, make and sell.

Please follow them on Twitter at: @hpprint, @HasselbladBron, @manfrotto_tweet, @BHPhotoVideo

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