Shocking Gunfight POV Footage from Afghanistan — “I’m hit, I’m hit.”

The age of context is upon us.

Last week we featured some POV footage of mind-blowing surfing action. It was fun, sporting and intentionally creative.

The clip above is on the the whole other side of the spectrum. It’s real, raw, and unnerving from the middle of an active battlefield. No doubt, it was not created with artistic purpose. But it captures the context and imagery of what it is like, visually, to be in war. Nerve-rattling and stressful.
Watch as this unknown US soldier places himself in harms way – presumably to to pull Taliban insurgent fire off his squad, pinned down above him, so they could get to safety. He is hit several times (reports suggest his body armor protected him from serious injury) and his exclamation, “Im hit, Im hit,” parks itself in your brain. The soldier’s actions might seem courageous and brave, but some are suggesting that he was reckless and moving into harms way without a plan for cover. I’m not a solider or an expert in fighting the Taliban, so I will leave that debate for others. I’m sure there will be no shortage of opinions.

The soldier is quoted:

“I got a hit a total of 4 times. My helmet cam died and i made it down the mountain on my own. I was also hit in the side of my helmet and my eye pro was shot off of my face.

A round struck the tube by my hand of the 203 grenade launcher which knocked it out of my hands. When I picked the rifle back up it was still functional but the grenade launcher tube had a nice sized 7.62 cal bullet hole in it and was rendered useless.”

This is an relatively new application of wearable cameras – and the footage from the battlefield is more ubiquitous than ever. There is ongoing footage from the war in Afghanistan HERE.

Via PetaPixel, Gawker

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Elliott Nead says:

Thank you for sharing some of the info.

Hopefully this sort of first-person journalism, if you will, continues to reach more of the public. This is one of the few times I’ve had a negative physical reaction to violence. Goes to show how desensitized I am, and I’d say Americans are, to this type of thing.

thanks for sharing chase , I got goose bumps just watching it !

NIck says:


I’m not in the loop; can someone tell me what this war is all about? Why are American soldiers there in the first place? says:

In the 70s US gov learned getting stuck in a quagmire like Vietnam was just like losing. To even the score in the cold war, it made sense that Russia should have it’s own ‘Vietnam.’ Meanwhile there was an oil crisis and the Saudis (and their crazy fundamentalist Wahhabi Islamists) to placate. Thus, Zbigniew Brzezinski had the clever idea to make Afghanistan Russia’s ‘Vietnam.’ So they shipped all these Saudi Islamists – who hated the godless, communist infidels – into Afghanistan to launch terrorist attacks along the border with Russia – which didn’t respond for a long time as they didn’t want to get sucked into a quagmire. This led to attacks inside Russia, and so Russia let itself be drawn in. This of course, meant the US could ship more Islamist fighters to fight for freedom against the Russians in a hot war on their doorstep. And it led to the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. This is where the term ‘blowback’ comes from: unintended consequences from treating countries like pawns.

When the Russians left, which was just like losing, their country falling apart, Bin Laden et al declared victory – as did the US – and both continued with their regular programming. The Islamists figured if they could defeat Russia (forgetting US help) they could take on the US. So they starting launching terror attacks against the US around the world, eventually leading to 9/11. The invasion of Afghanistan was then a matter of vengeance and getting some respect – and extending empire, and oil. Like any war after Vietnam, American soldiers are fighting for the wealth, power and prestige of the 1%.

The problem is that getting stuck in a perpetual war of terror is just like losing. Who wants to live in a police state? (Ex. Suspended habeous corpus. Bradley Manning, who gets perpetual solitary confinement up for leaking war videos of mass murder in Afghanistan.)

faisal says:

when will all the war stop? lets make the world a better place, for u & for me & the entire human race

GC says:

Being under fire & out in the open with no hard point to get good cover when fired upon got him sorry to say. He is brave solder to take that chance with the enemy shooting at his feet in any case! I hope he heals up ok!

Kyle Pearce says:

This video make me think of two things. First, the words to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Second, the impact that photography had on the world after the Civil War.

Video makes you wonder why he is what looks like out in the open. But I have learned that without all the informationb you can not pass judgment on actions like this. Scary as Hell.

cristina sanzeri says:

how awful is war..i could feel the terror of imminent death for that young soldier .Damn it.

Scott in AZ says:

Can we mind our own damn business already and just LEAVE????

Rogerio Reis says:

if you remove all the atrocities , killing and destruction caused by war, and add a scorecard, it would make an event larger than the olympics (winter and summer), fifa, rugby world cups and supwerbowls.All these helmet cams videos surfacing only prove that.

Adrian says:

@Rogerio Reis you are so wrong…..This thinking is embraced by many people and is why we have so much bloodshed, so many wars, so much tragedy in our times. You cannot remove atrocities , killing and destruction when you bring guns, bombs, mines, warplanes to the table. Period. The very idea that Chase posted this video is that we, the humans, must open eyes and take in the fear, horror, pain, helplessness that this trained soldier feels so to never speak in favor of war. Please excuse my English, I’m from Bucharest, Romania.

Rogerio Reis says:

Hello Adrian,
The very idea of sticking a camera to a your helmet as a soldier and film the action, publish it and get hundreds of thousands views on youtube is what this video is about.
I’m from and live in Brazil, we don’t have history with wars. but I believe that on the battlefield, the last thing I would think is “Hey, let me get a go-pro on my helmet and publish it”. This only proofs IMHO that wars such as this american effort on Afghanistan is truly meaningless It’s not like WW II where a soldier was liberating a concentration camp and ending holocaust. They are worried about getting it online! Too bad there’s no 3G or 4G in the afghan mountains, i’m sure there would be a lot of ustream channels then.

I’m not pro war. I just don’t deny that human history is filled with conflicts (and we can go way back on this. think greek wars) and this subject interests many many people (get the figures from war-related videogames sales.
My comment is that if every war could be a global game of paintball (with paint tanks, paint mines) and merchandised it. It would sell a lot.

But hey, this is CJ’s blog and lets stick to it: As a documentary feature.the video it is incredible. From the comfort of our chairs we really don’t know what is like out there and this video gives us a glimpse. If robert capa had one of these on 1945, we surely wound’t have only 13 frames or so.

Try to think of this as a little document of that time. We might, or might not, know the soldier’s intentions – but at least this makes us feel something. My hope is that these videos are viewed by people who will voice their opinion in future elections.
– John Paul Henry

Titus-Armand says:

I like how they’ve bleeped out “fucking” from a war clip. War = OK. Cursing = not OK.

Aaron says:


Agreed, it’s ridiculous. Showing someone being shot is acceptable viewing but if you say a naughty word we’ve got to bleep it…

Anonymous says:

Actually the guy in the end says shit and fuck not bleeped

Anonymous says:

Looks like the taliban knows where they are shooting but him. They were a good aim too… Ak47?

Powerbill says:

Wow, this is crazy stuff. I would never judge any actions because it is impossible to do so unless you’ve been there. Very cool video to show you what it is like in a fire fight. I wish these guys were home and chillin stateside instead of getting shot at and shooting others. Hoorah for the 4th I.D.

Bradley says:

Regardless of your stance on the war, hearing that guy yell “I’m hit” multiple times almost makes me sick. The reality of war definitely isn’t pretty, and I commend anyone willing to voluntarily take up the fight.

Samuel Jesus says:

This video is quite impressive. It show us first hand what the soldiers experience on a daily bases. Its brutal, but i think its a must watch for everyone. Its the real and raw truth.
I don´t really care if he was doing a brave move, or if if its actions were the most appropriate for that moment. What i really can´t get out of my head is that even if the soldiers have a great training, its impossible to always keep calm, and sometimes mistakes are made, and in this case, with bullets flying in your direction, and on that hill, its “very easy” to do mistakes.
Regarding the wearable cameras, this is a fine example on how sometimes that cameras capture moments when stuff don’t happen as planned, that otherwise would be just a story told from person to person.

James says:

I never want to be on the side of a mountain with no way to go but up and be shot at by an invisible enemy. Where the hell are the walkie-talkies much less anything more fancy for communication? This seems like something right out of WWII.

Daf says:

I’m surprised at quite how out in the open and static he is. Even if pulling fire away from his squad it seems crazy with effective fire coming in and little or no cover. (But I have no military training)

Daf says:

Watching some of the other videos actually puts this one into some context – shows that this one is relatively calm! Which might explain his movements.
On all I’ve watched it so incredibly hard to see the opposition!
Wonder if it’s the camera lens or if it’s actually like that.

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