Stunning Photos of Africa from Above

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Photo: Martin Harvey/Barcroft

As some of you might recall, I recently had the good fortune to work and travel on the African continent. Shooting in that area of the world is something that I’ve always wanted to do – and it did not disappoint. To the contrary, it opened up my understanding of the rich possibilities in the Sub-Sahara. We were there for almost two weeks and barely scratched the surface. Saying Africa is a dream destination for photographers is like saying it’s dry in the Sahara. It’s painfully obvious. But my opportunity to shoot in Africa only made me want to go back and go deeper.As an example of going deeper check out the image tabs above for a collection of mind-blowing photos taken of landscape and wildlife in Africa on a helicopter safari.

I couldn’t help notice this inspirational collection by photographer Martin Harvey. He took these photographs while on a helicopter safari that toured through Botswana, Namibia and Kenya. I admit to being jealous. The landscapes from high above are especially interesting to me. I’ve done some similar work in New Zealand (another one of my favorite places to shoot photos). Helicopter Safari – officially added it to the bucket list. It might seem far off and unattainable but I’m a big believer in this basic idea: Dream big.

Here’s my breakdown of 5 Tips for Shooting Photos & Video from a Helicopter

Read more about these helicopter safaris and see more of Martin Harvey’s photos click here:

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