Your Creative Rights – Revealing the Facts from the Fiction: chasejarvisLIVE + ASMP [re-watch]

In this new age of media, have you ever wondered how to share, promote and pimp your photos and videos using social sharing tools, but maintain your rights to them? What if someone wants to buy, license, use, or copy your work?

__Ever had a photo or video of yours “go viral” or get liked, +1′d, or retweeted like crazy? If not, do yo wish you had?

__Ever had your photo swiped from your site or social feed and found it being used by someone else?

__Have you ever wondered about watermarking, tracking photos, or overlaying your name in the bottom corner to drive traffic?

__Ever used a Creative Commons (cc) license or wondered if you should put a copyright (c) sympbol on your photos?

__Ever want to make money with your photos?

Then you’ve gotta know about this stuff.

If you can answer YES to any of these questions above – this episode of chasejarvisLIVE is something you need to see. We addressed these questions head-on in an interactive format. In collaboration with the the ASMP (world’s largest photographer trade organization), world renowned expert Larry Lessig– founder of the revolutionary and immensely popular Creative Commons–, Richard Kelly – former President of the ASMP and Oleg Gutsol, CEO of 500px arguable the world’s best photo sharing community. We answered dozens of relevant questions, shared insights, and made suggestions on how to make the most of sharing while keeping your rights. One thing is certain – that the future of creative work, photography, filmmaking won’t look like the past. This episode will help shape your vision for the future.

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