10 Zombie Photos that will Scare you Brainless

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"Eat Shit and Die" by Danielle Tunstall

The zombie phenomenon has slowly gathered steam over the last few decades, culminating in hundreds of movies, comic books, and TV shows. The fanatical zombie fanbase produces a staggering amount of content every year – fan fiction, films, web series… and photographs. “Zombies” are an ideal subject matter for the exploratory photographer: they present colors and scenarios not necessarily experienced on a normal photoshoot.

With Halloween on our doorstep, the undead are going to be lurching down the streets, moaning for “Brains” Romero style or sprinting non stop after their prey, riddled with a virus in the style of 28 Days Later. Little children will be pounding on your doors, blood dribbling down their chin as they demand candy (the gateway drug to brains). You’ll see peeling flesh and blood soaked hair. And here are 10 images of some of the scariest, most surreal zombies that photographers have captured. Click through above to terrify yourself. Don’t go out without a machete!

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