iPad Mini Launches — Some Photographers Will Be Extra Happy

ipad mini on chase jarvis blog

Phil Schiller holds up the iPad mini

If the best camera is the one that’s with us, the camera phone wins for me (iPhone in particular, but I’m excited for all models). But let’s take a departure for a second, because just minutes ago Phil Schiller announced the new iPad mini.

// 7.9 inch diagonal screen
// A5 dual core chip
// Facetime HD
// 5MP iSight Camera
// LTE wireless + 2x faster wi-fi
// lightening connectioin
// 10 hour battery life
// starting at $329

What will this do for us photographers? Here’s my quick thoughts:

// advertising photogs – stoked, but not all that much changes.
// wedding + portrait photogs – stoked, but not all that much changes.
// journalists + editorial creatives – revolutionary. iPhone camera + small device has been a treat for ALL photographers, but the new iPad mini seems to run double for journalists because it’s handheld with a great camera and actually a surface you can compose a story on… Ever seen people taking photos with an iPad? Sort of goofy. Or seen a journalist composing a press-ready story? Also sort of goofy. IMHO, this new iPad might not be for everyone (although all us geeks and fanboys will get one for the thrill…) but it really seems to fill that void for the journalist – shoot photos and compose. Just a thought.

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