Making Films, Photos & Life DIFFERENT not just BETTER with World’s Best Snowboarder Travis Rice + Brain Farm Cinema [LIVE Today]

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UPDATE: the LIVE broadcast is TODAY. Check out the post below and be sure to tune into — 11am SEA time (2pm NYC -19:00 London) — and enjoy the show. See you on air in a few…

You’ve heard me say it before – don’t sink all your effort into being incrementally better. Instead be DIFFERENT. Be BOLD.

This upcoming episode of chasejarvisLIVE is focused specifically on this simple idea. And my special guests for this episode epitomize this ‘different’ and ‘bold’ mantra as well as anyone I know. Like all of my guests, these guys aren’t ensconced in the “this is how it is” photo industry – they’re innovators from a parallel universe…. (and they are giving away some insanely cool stuff to promote the show – scroll to the bottom).

Yes, Travis Rice is the best snowboarder in the world. But what makes him the subject of this #cjLIVE is not really his skill. It’s that he is an innovator, a risk taker, a visionary the star of the most progressive action sports film ever made (The Art of Flight). He’s a bold and creative leader in his crowded and noisy industry.

Analogously, Chad Jackson hails from Brain Farm Digital Cinema. He and his partner Curt Morgan are the makers of the most innovative, high caliber and DIFFERENT action sports films in the world (eg. The Art of Flight). By using unique techniques and special cameras (like the phantom), leveraging relationships and their special vision, they have broken away from the old action sports film paradigm to set a new bar, a different bar. Tune in.

WHO: You, Me, Snowboarder Travis Rice and Brain Farm Digital Cinema EP Chad Jackson + a worldwide gathering of creative people
WHAT: Interview, discussion + a worldwide Q&A
WHEN: Wednesday, October 24th, 11:00am Seattle time (2pm NYC time or 19:00 London)
WHERE: Tune into It’s free — anyone can watch and we’ll be taking YOUR questions via Twitter, hashtag #cjLIVE

1. In order to pimp the show and help bring together another ginormous worldwide audience, Travis is giving away a signed Lib Tech snowboard. YES, you read that correctly. Also, he’s giving away a signed copy of The Art of Flight photo book (it’s gorgeous). To enter to score either one of these send out a creative tweet that contains the URL (or short URL) to THIS post + hashtag #cjLIVE starting NOW and ending at the beginning of the show on Wednesday, October 24. Enter as many times (tweets) as you want — tweet and retweet — Travis and I will be watching for the most creative shoutouts.

2. Also, this is HUuuuuGE. Manfrotto will be giving away an incredible kit of gear during the episode. Bucks deluxe…

-Manfrotto 290 3-section carbon fiber tripod with quick-release 3-way photo head (I use this tripod)
-Manfrotto Midi-36 LED Light
-Manfrotto Stile Bella V Black Shoulder Bag 
-Manfrotto Lino Apparel Soft Shell Jacket
-Manfrotto Lino Apparel Photo Cap

We’ll tell you how to enter – but you gotta watch LIVE to nail this one…

Contest Rules

Lastly, if you want to be part of the live, in-studio audience, send an email to with “The Art of Flight” in the subject line. Winners will receive a confirmation email with attendance instructions. Bonus points for tweeting about the show and sending folks here.

Special thanks to our cjLIVE show sponsors: HP, Broncolor, Manfrotto and B&H. We genuinely love what they do, make and sell.

We would also like to welcome our long-time friends liveBooks to the show as well. I have been a Livebooks user for years and am excited to have such a great creative partner joining chasejarvisLIVE.

Please follow them on Twitter at: @hpprint, @HasselbladBron, @manfrotto_tweet, @BHPhotoVideo, @livebooks

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