Photographic Evidence of a Superstorm’s Scorn

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Photo Credit Steve Senne, AP

With the utmost respect and humility I wanted to share this collection of images of the devastation wreaked upon the East Coast by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.

“Clobbered” was the headline in this morning Seattle Times, referring to Sandy, the “Super Storm,” that’s pounding the northeast. I just saw images and read a figure that there may well be 20-90 billion in damages as well as continued loss of life. What a crusher. Wanted everyone who is affected over there – including your families and friends – to know that our hearts and thoughts are with you. We hope that the death toll rises no more and that any of the missing or needing rescue find help arrive speedily.

The gallery above is but a fraction of what’s out there. If there are other equally powerful images that we’ve missed, please feel free to share in the comments below.

To those not in harm’s way: If you’re reading this, have ever enjoyed content on this blog or are compelled to help, please join me in donating to the Red Cross here now. $5, $10, $1000 whatever you can give.

Huge debt of gratitude to those journalists and news organizations who are brave enough to be capturing thse images in NYC, Washington and surroundings and sharing them with the world. Thank you to the photographers who are out there enduring the risk and for raising our awareness. Your photos, video and stories are keeping us connected as the event unfolds. Without your courage and commitment the rest of us would have but the faintest of notions as to Sandy’s destructive power.

Thanks and keep holding on.

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