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  1. Ivey Lacount April 10, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

    dear friend- I have arrive for the conclusion that-contrary for the image you project here of being a republican- that you are a Democrat troll. Have you Ever brought us any good news on this site? You usually obtain a thing to wring your hands about- this is not good, that is definitely not very good. the applicant is terrible…the message is mixed..blah.blah.blah…you’ve got an exceptionally sober column by Jonathan and a logical approach (2008 was an exceptionally special calendar year) and you nevertheless uncover fault with it…in spite from the column basically accepting your premise that Romneyy is driving now.. nWell, I’ll not engage in your constant pessimism and negativity- specially when the real truth is staring you within the face. 2008 was indeed special and I’ll bet you a nickel to your dollar which the turnout (percentage wise) shall be less than in 2008. This does not necessarily mean that Romney will win or that he’s ahead now, however it does mean the vast majority of polls are skewed.

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