Uncanny Upside Down Photos — The Faces of Unemployment by Marc Vicens

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I am a big believer in aiming to be different, not necessarily better than everyone else. Marc Vicen’s recent work, a collection of portraits named, “Hanging – The Faces of Unemployment,” is a great example of coming with an angle that turns your photos and thinking, um, upside down. Here is the explanation from Marc’s website. Click through the image tabs above to get a sampling.

“The practice of a globalized economy vertigo, has resulted in a situation that has led many people to feel or be “hung”. Marc Vicens has its special way of looking at this, more and more large group and achieved a surprising result. It’s not just the personal image of “hanging”. Marc has managed to reflect the “new expression” that occurs when a person is in this desperate situation. It is like entering into the feeling of anxiety that governs the daily life of these people. Reality is inverted resulting in an image photographed naked sentiment. It is the expression of the anxiety experienced by anyone because of a destructive economy, feels or is “hung”.”

To see more of Marc Vicens work go here.


Via PetaPixel

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