5 Things GoPro Nailed with the Hero3 and Why You Need To Care (NOW)

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GoPro Hero 3

 #5 Flat-lens housing is the new standard.  Back in August, we went shark diving in South Africa and brought two Hero2’s in the water with us; one with the standard housing, and one with the dive housing.  The difference between the two was night and day.  The dive housing footage looked amazing while the footage from the standard housing, by comparison, looked like it forgot to put it’s contact lenses in.  When we compared the footage side by side, I asked out loud why the Hero2 doesn’t come with the flat lens as a standard feature.  I think they heard me.  See the difference for yourself:

GoPro Dive Housing Comparison

Go figure that all the new Hero3 come standard with this new housing. Radical.

So whether you’re on the GoPro tip or not, please take notice of this little company erupting into a real player in the world of action cinema. They’ve always had a soft spot in the hearts of many, but I can’t overstate the buzz on the street about these products and the future of this company. By listening to consumers and building products on with a vision and a timeline more akin to a software developer than a legacy camera maker, the potential to invent a new future is huge.

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