Be Bold, Be Different [chasejarvisLIVE re-watch with Snowboarding Legend Travis Rice]

You’ve heard me say it before – don’t sink all your effort into being incrementally better. Instead be DIFFERENT. Be BOLD.

This episode of chasejarvisLIVE was focused specifically on this simple idea. And my special guests for this episode epitomize this ‘different’ and ‘bold’ mantra as well as anyone I know. Like all of my guests, these guys aren’t ensconced in the “this is how it is” photo industry – they’re innovators from a parallel universe….

Yes, Travis Rice is the best snowboarder in the world. But what makes him the subject of this #cjLIVE is not really his skill. It’s that he is an innovator, a risk taker, a visionary the star of the most progressive action sports film ever made (The Art of Flight). He’s a bold and creative leader in his crowded and noisy industry.

Some take-aways from this show:
_be bold – as in snowboarding risk is a part of the game
_be different – build your own way down the mountain -as Travis did with SuperNatural)
_get used to hearing “no” when they say your idea is “crazy”… you’re probably on the right path
_protect what you believe in- know when to be the one saying “no”to opportunities that are not the right fit.
_life is long- the amount of things you can create, learn and share in a lifetime is massive.

Analogously, Chad Jackson hails from Brain Farm Digital Cinema. He and his partner Curt Morgan are the makers of the most innovative, high caliber and DIFFERENT action sports films in the world (eg. The Art of Flight). By using unique techniques and special cameras (like the phantom), leveraging relationships and their special vision, they have broken away from the old action sports film paradigm to set a new bar, a different bar.

It was an enlightening experience speaking with Travis and Chad. Enjoy the re-watch.




tim macauley says:

a recent ted talk Dec 2012 by Evan Roth talking about artists as hackers using the work of Eric S Raymond as a touch stone. any thoughts?

Hans Youmon says:

Always good to find something new and interesting to learn from. Great website you’ve got here.

K Brown says:

The Art of Flight – Behind The Scenes on iTunes.
The best $3.00 you’ll spend today.

Tim Roper says:

Great line in the BTS footage: “It’s the art of wanting more.”

Tim Macauley says:

Even photographer Mark Watson had to get Nikon Professional Services to hack and D300s to have one button to set off both the video and stills

Tim Macauley says:

I think this follows on well from what Travis, Chad and Chase talked about. Being different and constantly pushing the limits of the technology to see where it can go and what it can do. Hackers as creatives. This is a great doco on the subject

faisal says:

I love the spirit of adventure and crazyness.

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