CASTING CALL — Need LARGE Family for Commercial Photo Shoot Next Week. Good $$$

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Hi friends! Quick favor to ask here – would LOVE your help if you’re interested or know a family who meets the requirements below. I’ve turned to you guys before for stuff like this and it’s been fun and good for us all. As such, this could be a really fun experience and provide some really solid money for the holidays… In short, we’re looking for a large 20 – 30 person, multi-generational family for a commercial shoot NEXT WEEK in/around NYC. Please read below for details and follow ALL instructions if you’re able to help.

I am looking for a REAL family to be photographed for an upcoming commercial photoshoot – approximately 20-30 people on December 2nd (3rd in a huge pinch) in the NYC area. This will be a large group portrait with everyone looking at the camera used for advertising purposes. The pay is commensurate with experience, and is in the neighborhood of $20,000 for the family.

1) Include at least 3 generations of a REAL family – uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, siblings, kids, even great-grandparents.
2) Have at least 20-30+ people
3) Live in the NYC / tristate area (no transportation paid)
4) Have guaranteed availability Sunday Dec. 2 (preferred) or Monday Dec 3 (in a pinch)
5) Lastly, a preference… ‘the more people you have –ie the higher end of the range we mentioned — the more likely you will be chosen’

okay then if you’re still with me….

IF YOU DO QUALIFY and are SERIOUSLY INTERESTED, please send an email to [] with the following…
1) a simple note of confirmation in writing that you meet the above criteria
2) photos of the nuclear family, and as many family members or extended family members as possible.
3) a list of your relatives names, their relationship to you, their age and their contact information.
4) If possible we would also love to see a brief video of your family. This can be taken with your phone. People can say hi to the camera, can talk about the last family gathering, tell funny stories or just interact with others. We’re looking to see some personality and the relationships between family members.

If you send in an email with all of the above information as requested YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL BACK from us saying we’ve received your submission. We will then forward your info to our NYC casting agent who will take it from there. You will be contacted by us or our agent if we need anything from you. No follow up emails means that we found our match, so being speedy helps!

***serious queries only please. If you aren’t selected, it was nothing personal. Our preferences are for the above list, size, quality and speed of response

***Side note and a plus. We are currently scouting for houses to use as a location but if you have a home that could hold a family gathering of this size please include photos for consideration. If we choose your home then you will be paid an additional location fee.

Huge thanks for the short notice help. I hope you or someone you know can help us and get paid well for it. I am very grateful for any effort!

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