A Curation of Powerful Photos — The Best of 2012 [43 images]


Photo: Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images

While the New Year stands for new beginnings, resolutions, and clean slates, it’s also a chance to look back at 2012… a fascinating year. From the eyepopping athleticism of the Summer Olympics in London and the drama of the U.S. Presidential Election to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the wildfires that ravaged Colorado, there was no lack of engaging photography in 2012. I browsed some of the collective “best of” 2012 and created the roundup below.

Human exaltation, powerful and heartbreaking photojournalism and awe-inspiring sports + nature photography. These photos made me pause and look for an extra second – enjoy.

[I’ve put the names of photogs/agencies credited under each image – if you’re feeling extra sassy, look these photographers up for more great work. Links at the bottom for the galleries from which these images were curated. #respect to all the great photography of 2012. Great year for pictures.

[Also, a little aside… a humble thanks and much gratitude to you for paying attention to what I put out into the world in 2012 and for sharing my feeds / work / love. Big Happy New Year to you and yours. ]


Photo: Francesco Carrozzini


Photo: AP

Pete Souza, White House

Photo: Pete Souza/White House


Photo: Manish Swarup / AP

Daniel Ochoa de Olza, AP

Photo: Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP


Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP


Photo: Maks Levin / AP


Photo: AP


Photo: Susan McConnell

Bradley Wiggins by Scott Mitchell

Photo: Scott Mitchell


Photo: Reuters

Victor R. Caivano, AP

Photo: Victor R. Caivano/AP


Photo: Rajesh Kumar Singh


Photo: Michael Benson


Photo: Matt Slocum


Photo: RedBullStratos

Pier Paolo Cito, AP

Photo: Pier Paolo Cito/AP


Photo: Matt Cardy


Photo: Kevin Frayer

Yida refugee camp by John Stanmeyer

Photo: John Stanmeyer/VII

Misha Japaridze, AP

Photo: Misha Japaridze/AP

Mike Hutchings:Reuters

Photo: Mike Hutchings/Reuters

Maxi Jonas:Reuters

Photo: Maxi Jonas/Reuters

The Obamas by Jim Watson

Photo: Jim Watson

Manu Brabo, AP

Photo: Manu Brabo/AP

Joe Acaba, NASA : AP

Photo: Joe Acaba/NASA/AP


Photo: IwanBaan/GettyImages

Syrian snipers by Javier Manzano

Photo: Javier Manzano/AFP/Getty Images

Horse runs through fire by Jasper Juinen

Photo: Jasper Juinen/Getty Images


Photo: Helen Richardson


Photo: Gregory Bull / AP


Photo: Getty Images


Photo: Charles Sykes


Photo: AP

Ian Joughin:Associated Press

Photo: Ian Joughin/Associated Press

Diptendu Dutta:AFP:GettyImages

Photo: Diptendu Dutta/AFP:GettyImages

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Aris Messinis:AFP:Getty Images

Photo: Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images


Photo: Alvero Berrientos

Parkour in Gaza by Ali Ali

Photo: Ali Ali/EPA


Photo: Adrees Latif / Reuters

Here are links to some of the “best of” galleries that I curated from:
Huff Post
Boston Big Pic
Boston Big Pic II

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