Follow Me: A Mysterious Beauty Leads You Around the World with Photographs

Murad Osmann has put a really solid spin on the traditional “vacation album”. Already picked up by HuffPo, Business insider, and the Daily Mail UK, I nearly didn’t feature the work (not to mention the HDR tendency…), but I kept coming back to it for 3 reasons:

1. The concept is good.
2. The concept is simple.
3. We can all take note and learn something about executing good, simple concepts to create a body of work that gets noticed.

Murad explains how the first picture happened mostly by accident while on vacation in Barcelona with his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova. Osmann told the Post, “Nataly was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me forward,” he explained “that said, it didn’t stop me from doing photos while she was pulling me. So that’s how it all started.” Despite the “leading you by the hand” motif not being a ground-breaking, it’s just simply effective.
As far as equipment, Osmann has a simple approach, telling The Post, “Equipment doesn’t matter. All that matters is the idea. Equipment is just helping you to achieve it.” Osmann went on to say that the photos were initially taken using an iPhone and the camera+ app, but that he now uses whatever equipment he has on hand. With his album going viral, and pulling in fifty-five thousand followers, it’s pretty obvious that regardless of what equipment he’s using, something is working here.

See more of Murad Osmann’s work here

Jenny says:

Wow, this is amazing, is she your gorlfriend?


Paul says:

Read an article on Murads photos a little while ago and loved the concept – really simple and fun. Good viewing.

“Equipment doesn’t matter. All that matters is the idea. Equipment is just helping you to achieve it.”
That is really good advice and an important thing we easily forget… Thank you for reminding me of that!

Mitch Russo says:

I didn’t start traveling until I was 30 years old. I took a Fuji 645 folding camera and a Plaubel Makina with me. I used mostly expired film and a crappy tripod and still returned with some of the more beautiful photos in my portfolio. That first trip was Italy and I continue to go back every chance I get.

Suarez says:

Hi There i need To Do Some ..

Brian Smith says:

Every great photographer needs to follow their muse.

Tyson says:

Dat ass

Alan says:

Why didn’t I think of that?

faisal says:

What an interesting way to put it. Full marks for the creativity.

EddieBaba says:

This is simply BRILLIANT!!! In addition to Chase’s good and simple take on this “Mysterious Beauty,” it’s also: erotic, voyeuristic, escaping, intriguing, romantic, whimsical, submissive, evasive, ambiguous, empowering, and very fun!  With more subtle control or direction by the photographer, it could even better than it is. It also has a European POV. BRAVO!!!

Swade says:

And gobs of money to travel all over the world.

VictorTrasvina says:

Not necessarily most of the locations are photoshop and Instagram filters and HDR look on the pictures disguises the different light patterns … Still very very creative and clever plus a great deal of photoshop skills and patience.

MoJi says:

it’s REAL photo..not a photoshop travel photo..Natalia is a fulltime model & both of them travel most of their time..

The hotter the girl the more eyes will look at her pic.
That`s marketing basics.

Even though you are supposed to create art, you gotta have an eye on “how to sell it.”

Or he just got a hot girfriend, don`t hate him for that.


John Urban says:

“A Mysterious Beauty Leads You Around the World with Photographs”

Shouldn’t the title be: “A woman with an amazing sexy backside leads you around the world with photographs?”

Tim Roper says:

I think I like the traveling gnomes better than this traveling arm, which starts to look creepy after a few photos.

Indeed is a great and simple concept, but i wonder how would it be if the girl was “less pretty” than her

chex says:

shame she looks like cousin It in the London photo

Cindy Coy says:

A good friend of mine traveled the world for a good part of 2012 and did something similar except there’s no hot model and his pointing hand obscures whatever object of note is. Where yours are stunning and poignant his is more just hysterical. Both concepts are great, though. It’s called “Hey, look!”

That blog got me laughing, tell your friend good job!

Gnana Deep says:

i am a great fan of you.i saw your photographs.they are very good and fantastic,i like your photographs very much
thanking you.

Need to go traveling again

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