Falcon Chasing A Downhill Mountain Biker — Behind-the-Scenes on the Photoshoot That Captured It

Been shooting some freeride mountain biking lately and was poking around the web when I stumbled on this yesterday…behind the scenes on how this crew filmed a peregrine falcon chasing (and grabbing at) professional downhill mountain biker Gee Atherton over bumps, jumps and at insane speeds.

Love the The Earth Unplugged crew’s approach and patience, plus the ingenuity that thy used in a)the concept; and b)the filming techiques. #muchrespect

I’m not a gear guy, but wondering if you caught the equipment they were using? None of this would have been possible just 5 years ago, or it certainly would have cost 50x what this probably cost to make today.

Here’s the finished product:

Ashley says:

This is really awesome. My husband has a GoPro camera, and I would love to do something like this with him. Really great combination of videography & photography.

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Bryce says:

This video is insane, combining the things I love photography/videography and mountain biking!!!

Demenyuk says:

velosopedista in the backpack invisible in some frames or is it a professional film crew?

Bimal Nair says:

Incredible team spirit and such amazing concept! RESPECT!

John Aldred says:

Oh, and it certainly was possible at least 5 years ago, but yes, as you said, at a much higher price. Friend of my dad’s has filmed many times skydiving from planes with peregrines for documentaries with various regular and slow motion cameras.

John Aldred says:

Turns out my dad knows Lloyd too, he did the skydiving filming with my dad’s other buddy, Leo. :)

John Aldred says:

Other than having the bird there, it seemed pretty much like every other “biker going down a mountain” video. Too much focus on the rider, not enough on the bird, and they didn’t make anywhere near enough use of that slow motion camera as they could’ve.

I’m in awe of the ingenuity of the team, and the results, and the awesomely awesome Peregrine. Wow. *wild applause*

faisal says:

Just mind boggling, i wonder how its done.

Chase says:

@faisal – check the top video homie

Simon says:

this is insanely coool!!!

Steve says:


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