“What We Do” – Chase Jarvis Brand Reel

Yes! We just wrapped up my newest brand reel – What We Do. The goal with the video was to invoke more than just the work — because we know it’s the work plus the people, AND the ideas that matter.

This one represents the last 18 months or so of jobs and personal work in more than 12 countries around the world. From sea to sky, great angles to Great White sharks, it’s a fun, quick little edit that I hope gives you a sense of What We Do. It also features a bunch of my favorite moments at my studio including cameos from chasejarvisLIVE with the likes of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Adrian Grenier, The Lumineers and Sir Mix-a-Lot, Tim Ferriss and others.

As part of my creative community, I hope you dig it. Share or shout if you do… (here’s link to your twitter account if it helps). And I humbly hope you have as much fun digesting it as we did making it.

[Music from my homies– the superfly, inimitable gentlemen of Fresh Espresso – You Can Have It.]

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Todd Bolls says:

Cool work. Askin’ for a sequel!

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Karl Baker says:

Love the jazz type soundtrack… and great to see the paint bombs again haha!! cool stuff.

Zachary Long says:

Very cool, thanks for all you do for the photo/video community!

Schadenkind says:

This deserves to be played on repeat even solely based on the soundtrack used.

Ivy says:

Chase, this was amazing! Mad props and much respect for not only creating such stunning work, but also for building a life that seems filled with so much purpose, so much fun, and so much gratitude. If I ever needed someone, I’d hire the *living daylights* out of you!

Jeff says:

Wow, very nice. Watching It must feel like the last 18 months of your life flashing before your eyes!

Shanna says:

Can I have your life? Looks pretty amazing!

Harold Kelly says:

Really sick man !!!!

faisal says:

Very well executed. Kudos.

Kees says:

Compact, entertaining, representative of your work and credo, captive. Nice!

Jim Poyner says:

Amazing as always, Loving the powder paint bombs ( at 0.38 )- are they homemade? How are they powered?
Many thanks for sharing


Vern Horst says:

Very nice! I see a lot of hard work in that minute 25. Wish I could come out and play.

Ray Spaddy says:

Sweet video! And as usual, your choice of music is perfection!

Ronald says:

Bold!! Love It

Dick berry says:

2 words….awesomely perfect!

Carel Stander says:

love the shark – was hoping for some “Horn” shots in False Bay !

Cool reel !

Danté Bell says:

Hi Chase,

Do you have any tips and/or things to avoid when making your brand video? How much work was involved in developing the story boards (more like, what types of professionals are involved, like marketing, communications, project manager, creatives,etc?)

Thanks so much for sharing and educating, your sharing has been invaluable for me.


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