GoPro Hero3+ is the Fairest of Them All

GoPro’s Hero3+ dropped like a bomb today, splitting atoms and shattering computer screens with some of the most bad-ass footage yet seen. The new Hero3+ is GoPro’s sexiest iteration to date, with some notable improvements over its predecessor. Lest you Hero2 or Hero3 owners think this money ill-spent, consider these upgraded features that you’ll get with the Hero3+:

_20% lighter + smaller (case)
_30% more battery life
_4x faster WiFi (built-in)
_Auto Low Light feature, which automatically adjusts frame rate to maximize quality
_sharper lens
_SuperView movie mode allows you to shoot 1080p (1920 x 1080 video resolution) w/ the Ultra Wide field of view, so you can capture more of yourself and the beautiful landscape. Or a lion’s face.

There’s been some chatter from folks who feel wrong-done by GoPro’s “Apple-like” upgrade, but the truth is they’ve been pretty consistent in the time + release of new products and it’s not their fault if you just bought a Hero3. [Note to those who did: If you bought it from less than 30 days ago, the company *should* honor your return requests so you can get in the “+” game.]

Will I be adding the Hero3+ to my OCD-inspired GoPro travel bag? Definitely. I’m thinking I may need a re-do of my GoPro aerial footage experiment, too.

I read this article fully about the comparison of most recent and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article.

google says:

It’s hard to come by educated people about this topic, but you sound
like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

Peter says:

Nive review on the GoPro hero 3 on

Jedna Chwila says:

Awesome video! thanks for this!!! :D
GoPro rulesss!

Randy McKown says:

That video is awesome. I want a GoPro just so I can velcro it to my dog. :P

faisal says:

Wow, it’s simply beautiful.

I just got the Hero 3 Black Edition a little over a month ago, now they come out with this. They need some sort of trade-in program. I hear the new batteries are compatible with the H3B… any word on that?

Rick says:

This is true.
Hero3 and 3+ batteries are interchangeable.

Andreas says:

Just because a new version is out, it doesnt change your ability of creativity. You can create equally stunning videos, time lapses, stop motions, photos with your current device.

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