10 Gifts for Photographers + WIN a Sexy Sony a7 Camera

UPDATE – Happy New Year to all who entered my camera giveaway over the last month…AND a big congratulations to MARK BEHRENS, the winner of the brand spankin new Sony a7. Thanks to everyone who participated and to our homies at Adorama + Sony. BTW, for those of you who signed up for my email list — I’ll be in touch with soon more exclusive content and opportunities to connect.

Good morning friends! I get lots of emails, tweets & Facebook posts from all over the world – husbands, wives, partners, girlfriends of photographers looking for gifts for the creative loved ones in their lives. I know the gift-giving paralysis that can come from not having a few solid ideas for the creatives / photographers (photofiles?) in your life….so in an attempt to be a help to my gift seeking friends and answer all those emails in one fail swoop…. I’ve wrangled a little gift list ranging from $20 to $4000 (yikes!). I’m not big on shopping events but I do appreciate some well-curated suggestions, so rest assured this list is focused enough that any one item won’t disappoint and broad enough that there are things for literally every photog.

Annnndddd… in acknowledging that buying cameras and gear can be expensive and painful (sometimes prohibitively so…), I wanted to offset that with an opportunity for you to win a VERY tasty new camera for free… Remember that super hot Sony a7 camera that I was ranting about last month? Well, thanks in large part to support from Adorama for hosting this, they are allowing me to give away one of these delicious Sony Cameras along with the 28-70mm Sony lens.

To help wrangle this giveaway, we’re trying out a new widget below. It does a few things really well:
1. manages all entries into a secure database and properly randomizes a winner
2. gives you info about how much time is left in the giveaway / how many entries there are etc
3. allows you to earn extra entries by participating more deeply in the community (watching vids, sharing, reading posts etc)

To enter just fill in your info below and follow along. And note: this giveaway is live all the way through the 28th of December. Feedback welcome on the widget if you have any.

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Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens

This is a seriously great all-around lens for your kit. Don’t let that low price fool you. The 50mm 1.8 one of the best kept secrets in photo gear. The lens body is plastic, but it still kicks tons of ass. I have had this lens since it first came out – even replaced it with the same thing once when I dropped it into a lake.
Price: $109

SanDisk 32GB Class 10 ExtremePRO SDHC Memory Card

Another quality little stocking stuffer for any photographer. One can’t every REALLY have too many SD cards, unless you’ve got a collection of 50 1GB cards, in which case it’s really time to poke your eyes out consolidate. The Class 10 checks all those boxes that a photog is looking for in a memory card.
Price: $60.95

SanDisk ImageMate All-in-One USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader

For just a few bucks more, you can throw in this all-in-one card reader as a goes-with gift for the above. [If you want to get creative, pull the SDHC card out of the packaging and pop it into the reader before wrapping.]
Price: $32.95

PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

A quality trasceiver is a must-have for any aspiring photographer. The freedom to move your flash around opens a lot of doors for more creative illumination of the shot. And at under $150, you’re not breaking banks.
Price: $134

Think Tank Airport Security V2.0

For the traveling photographer who wants a safe and secure way to transport all that gear, this Think Tank rolling solution should more than do the trick. Comes with combo zipper lock and the steam-sealed raincover keeps your gear bone dry.
Price: $364.75

Promise Pegasus J2 Thunderbolt 512gb

I love this portable thunderbolt drive. It’s about the size of a smartphone and it’s super fast on the read and write speeds. It will also run without the conventional power adapter, making it perfectly for off-the-grid shoots.
Price: $499.00

Joby Ball Head + Gorillapod SLR-Zoom

For playful but solid support on the fly, nothing beats Gorillapod with the Joby Ball Head. These are great little numbers for attaching GoPro’s and other smaller cams for a sweet little time lapse.
Price: $79.95

Sony Alpha a7 Digital Camera, with FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens

I had the chance to play with the a7, and let’s just say this is a no-questions-asked, “I love you (or yourself ;)” gift. No regifting or returns to worry about on this one, that’s for damn sure. Great design, great quality, compact and sexy as all get out.
Price: $1,998.00

Think Tank Retrospective 10-GR Small Shoulder Bag

Two Think Tank prods in one list? What’s up with that? Think Tank rocks, that’s what. THIS is how you carry your every-day camera kit around, people. Like the travel bag, this one has a nice rain seal on it for those infrequent Seattle showers.
Price: $165.75

Broncolor Senso Kit 22

This is a big-ticket gift, make no mistake. But there really is no price you can put on good lighting. I wouldn’t recommend this for the teenage son or daughter on a flavor-of-the-month kick, but it’s a no-joke upgrade for any aspiring commercial photographer.
Price: $4734.00

DJI Phantom

I’ve toyed around with the DJI Phantom quite a bit. The weight-bearing limitations do more or less count out super high end camera loads, but the aerial footage you can get with a GoPro will really take that budding videographer’s footage to the next level.
Price: $679

And always, if you’ve got some gift ideas of your own you want to share, sound off below – I may add your suggestions to this list.

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I hadn’t seen the Thinktank bag before. That thing inspires lust. I know it’s way after this article was published, but I’m glad I saw this. I’ve been in the market for a photography bag and this is exactly what I’m looking for! Wishlisted!

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Joe Martin says:

I keep showing up to late for these give a ways. :(

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Lindsay says:

‘ These folks also understand that it takes money to make money and payoffs are HIGH. It is perfect for business professionals and students who want to remain proficient in mathematics.

EddieBaba says:

Hey Chase, this contest is cool and simple doing by doing a few clicks to win a super exciting Sony a7 camera. But it would even cooler to do a photo contest, using a theme or guide, that would require displaying one’s skill as an artist to win! Happy New Year Brother!!!

Marcel says:

When the winner will be announced?

William Haun says:

That raffle widget is amazing!

Ariel says:

I want camera please..

Aaron says:

Thanks for running this contest Chase! Gives me hope of being able to swing some camera gear for Christmas!

John Blanchard says:

Thanks Chase, most people can only dream of owning good equipment like that,self included. It will make someones year! Much less their xmas. I would love to step up to ff one day, but 8 more years for my son to finish school!! that dream will have to wait. thanks for sharing your knowledge.love your work!!

Scott Hamill says:

Sweet giveaway! I am a avid fan of CreativeLive and have watched/listened to 90% of the photography and business courses since I discovered it 6 months ago. Hopefully, I can start my photography business soon and earn some money to buy some of the courses down the road. Until then I will continue to promote CreativeLive every chance I get. Thank you Chase!

Andy says:

Mr. Chase,
Really appreciate your work and optimism Chase, it’s inspirational and thanks to Adorama for a great full service camera shop (Simon IS a charmer! leave your wallets at home or else)

Melody says:

Sweet…camera hope I win!

lana says:

for the hubby

Jens says:

Great contest and the widget works perfectly!

Roy says:

Great idea for our Christmas season!

Arshiya says:

Having a contest widget is a terrific idea !!

Jerry Lafferty says:

Hope they fix the battery lifetime issue

ibrahim says:

hope to win

I have both think tank bags and they are awesome! wish I could afford the lighting kit! great ideas.

Adam says:

Hi. I appreciate, as a non-Facebook user, the chance to enter (and hopefully win!) a contest without having to be a Facebook user. So thank you for this opportunity. It seems so rare these days.

Also, I do like your Giveaway Widget with its extra info (time remaining, etc).

Kruz says:

Nice giveaway. Haven’t had the opportunity to use mirrorless cameras but I’m starting to look more into these, specially because of the reviews. I remember my first DSLR was a Sony a200 lol.

TheFemGeek says:

The widget is a really great idea. It doesn’t keep you bogged down to the site to extensively manage the contest at the same time it gratefully give those who enter awesome amounts of options for a chance to win. Thanks so much for offering the chance to win this great camera. It definitely made my day. Plus I’m a fan of Sony and you :)

fatsojung says:

thanks chase and adorama, we Love you!

Geoff says:

Acquired an NEX 6 to replace my busted Nikon D300 (too many wilderness adventures in Alaska, I guess). Cant wait to win the Sony A7 to keep the new Sony baby company and save carrying my favorite D700 (which definitely needs to last me a bit longer). I’d add any of the Creative Live courses to your list above. I own a least a dozen, purchase after the free live broadcast. Thanks for creating Creative Live.

Pamela says:

Thanks Mr Jarvis and Adorama for doing this giveaway. Someone is going to be mighty happy to win this sweet camera. :-)

Lyle says:

Oh, and I LOVE my Thinktank bags, have the retrospective 30 and the airport international v2.0. Such nice attention to detail and great build quality.

Lyle says:

How about the eye-fi cards? Inexpensive, and a pretty cool piece of kit if the camera is compatible.

Dude, I love watching your videos on location. Keep up the Badassness

Emilio Villegas says:

Epic reel Chase! The combination of audio and video is spot on!

Matthew says:

Perfect list of gifts! Almost identical to my wishlist!

Carl says:

Cant wait to have this!

Remy says:

Thanks… feel great

Edina says:

Thank you for doing this and being such a great role model for my daughter!

Royd Tauro says:

Love the A7 and the A7R, Sony have done really well with their new cameras!

Brian says:

Great contest Chase! Love the ways to have multiple entries!

Althea says:

Sweet giveaway! Crossing my fingers. ;) Cheers!

Mark says:

Awesome contest. Thank you!

chase jarvis says:

thanks mark – doing the best I can man

faisal says:

Quite a lot of entries here. Good going.

chase jarvis says:

I think the prize is pretty dope – it’s no wonder lots of us want it.

Thanks for being an avid reader and commentor Faisal!

Arthur O says:

Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

chase jarvis says:

Grazie! Real thanks go to Adorama and Sony for stepping up!

gary says:

I watched someone use the DJI Phantom at a wedding recently it was amazing

chase jarvis says:

i have a video of the phantom here http://blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/2013/08/dji-phantom-drone-flying-gopro-camera/

and another one coming out soon….

Feather says:

Great contest! Thank you!

chase jarvis says:

Cool – thanks for the shoutout Feather.

Chris Duke says:

Thank you so much for doing this!

chase jarvis says:

my pleasure chris. trying to keep it all fun and easy going. life is short

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