Consider THIS: More Experiences, Less Stuff

Hey friends – Happy Holidays! It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the states, and I’m getting some much needed family & friend time.

I was up late last night and I made a video in the dark by myself. Just a little rant I’d like you to watch and consider and share. As we head into the holidays, I’m seeing all the consumerism messages everywhere. Above all, it makes me think about something I really believe, which is Experience > Things.

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to stuff there is an entire cross section of the world who do not have basic needs…and for that world – we MUST give stuff and give generously. Full Stop. (List of amazing organizations that I support / love below.)

For everything else, however, consider this holiday season for giving experience. What we all really want/need is CONNECTION. We need empathy and humanity. We need learning and personal growth. The most valuable thing we can give anyone is our time (consider spending time with loved ones…or volunteer for those in need! That’s an AMAZING EXPERIENCE in itself!). Time and experiences can have an impact that lasts a lifetime.


1. EXPERIENCES! Share in the comments below or on social – some of your ideas for giving great experiences.

2. Much of the world does need stuff in the form of basic human needs. For that, consider giving to one of these below AND/OR LIST YOUR FAV CHARITY below.

Charity Water and
NWHarvest (or find your local food bank here and here)
Red Cross

Cheers and much love. Chase.

Links from the Episode

cjRAW EP 11

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