Are You CRUSHING Your Creativity?

You guys have heard me talking about my early lifelong love of activity and sports like skateboarding, skiing, football, and even going to college on a soccer scholarship. Coming from an athletic background, I always considered myself pretty active. Yet, the truth is, once I started building my photography career in action sports I put my entire focus in that and the majority of my movement came from my work.

Even though my career is based in action sports photography — I climbed mountains on several continents, was up early, to bed late and generally active when shooting — only a very small portion of the work of photographers requires us to be shooting. There’s a lot of time spent in travel, post production, in client meetings, retouching images, or developing new concepts at a desk. Even when I was on location, what we’re doing is hardly ergonomic. I was bracing the Nikon D–whatever top of the line camera with a long lens out in front of me for about 10 years. Imagine the toll.

The result? As much as I visualize myself being bulletproof and battle-hardened, the reality is that I’ve broken many bones, had several surgeries, etc etc, and overall – from bad mechanics — earned screwed up neck, back and, shoulders that I’m working to unwind to this day. Don’t get me wrong – I’m healthy and athletic – but compromised. And what I’ve learned is daily choices in moving, standing, and body work (i.e. stretching, massage, etc) can make a huge difference every day. Simply standing while working, taking the stairs vs. elevator, walking instead of riding are just a few examples can significantly improve your body’s positioning which leads to better health which leads to better creativity.

So, in short, YES – MOVING MY BODY is a key part of my morning routine and daily habits. But in this episode of #cjRAW we dig in a bit deeper and I give you 4 changes you can make in your life today.

I’ve also got a guest star in this video…a guru of sorts… Introducing Dr. Kelly Starrett. And of course his new book…. DESKBOUND.

What’s Covered

On the move [0:32]
The Problem [1:09]
Body Mechanics [1:38]
What we can change [2:46]
The Solution [3:34]
Kelly & Juliet Starrett’s Deskbound [4:15]
Four things you can do [5:54]
Maintaining Your Body with Kelly Starrett [7:01]

Links from the Episode

My Morning Routine
My Daily Habits

Create Long Lasting Health & Mobility with Kelly Starrett

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