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How To Make a Kickass Portfolio: chasejarvis LIVE Re-Watch with Allegra Wilde

In case you missed our December 6th episode of Chase Jarvis LIVE, it was all about the portfolio. We had Allegra Wilde, visual strategist and co-founder of eyeist.com on the show, talking about common mis-steps and some of the best ways for your work to get noticed. She even gave us a quick portfolio review and a sneak peek at her upcoming service eyeist.com. You missed quite the show, indeed, but luckily the re-watch of that broadcast is right here.

Public Service Announcement: May is Bike to Work Month

The Bike Fleet
\\\\\ UPDATE the mystery bike match game has been solved. Deb got them all right on this comment. /////

Howdy y’all, Dartanyon here. We normally don’t post much on the weekend, but I wanted to take a moment for an off-topic Sunday morning Public Service Announcement. May is bike to work [and school] month.  Around the studio we’re environmentally conscious, and have turned BTWM into sorta a big deal.  We join in on the ride challenge put on by our local bike club, and get a little competitive when it comes to who can rack up the most miles. 

Consider this little PSA post my personal invitation to you, to hop on a bike an go for a ride.  You don’t need to commit to riding to work everyday in May [although that would be awesome].  You could just ride on National Bike to Work day on the 20th of May, or whatever works for you.

I got a laugh from our April Fools Day post where we all had switched out face parts. So in this spirit, I’ve whipped up a little “match game”, but this time it’s going to be a game of Match-The-Bike-To-The-Rider.  So, to see portraits of our lovely commuter steeds and match ‘em to their riders, hit ‘continue reading’ below… Continue Reading →

That DAM Travel Gear for Photo & Video

Travelling MacBookPro Kit

Howdy Y’all, Dartanyon again responding to an important gear question we get asked all the time. We spend a great deal of time out on location, and as Chase’s last series of blog posts clearly shows that it’s not all hotel rooms and poolside locations. Sometimes we’re at 12,000 feet above sea level snowshoeing to location, and carrying “extra” stuff is not practical. Over the last 4 years I have refined my traveling gear considerably, and it is not very often that I find myself wishing I had something I didn’t bring, or carrying stuff I didn’t use [or have a very good reason for carrying]. I’m going to take you through my traveling kit of DAM (Digital Asset Management) goodies and explain why I do certain things, but as I have said before this is MY way and certainly not the only or best way.

COMPUTER_ I bring a 17″ Mac Book Pro to almost all location shoots, it’s sole purpose is digital asset management, it doesn’t get used by a producer or intern back at the studio, it just sits and patiently waits to be needed in the gear closet. It’s loaded up with… Continue Reading →

Frame More Than Just Pictures — Frame Pixels Too

Multimedia Station for Seattle100 Gallery[The debate continues about whether or not iPads are good portfolios for photographers and filmmakers. But those considerations aside, one thing I KNOW is that the iPad is great for is displaying photo & video content in a gallery setting, or on a studio wall in a waiting area. So in pure coincidence with Apple’s announcement today that the iPad2 is now available (early), Dartanyon has written up a post about how we made our custom iPad holders that were crazy-popular at my most recent gallery opening…]

Howdy folks, Dartanyon here. As Chase said above, iPads make amazing devices to display multimedia content. The screens are bright and crisp and photos and videos really shine. They also have the great advantage of allowing viewers to navigate and select the content they want to watch instead of waiting for a looping video feed to get around to the interesting part. As such, I’d like to walk you through how we went about creating some custom iPad holders for our recent Seattle 100 gallery show. And note: the price for this DIY project is scalable based on materials used and the results are great.

We wanted the iPads to function as video players that were user friendly, secure, and artfully displayed.  We quickly discovered that there was no commercially available solution for what we were trying to accomplish.  So what’s next?  Go custom. Continue Reading →

Printing & Hanging a Photography Show

Seattle100 Pop Up Gallery

Seattle100 Pop Up Gallery - Quiet Before the Storm

Everyone on the our team brings an expertise and excellence to the group that is unique. As an example, Scott’s Photoshop chops are stellar, Kate is an uber-producer, Erik is the bees knees with digital cinema, and the list goes on… One of Dartanyon’s strong suits is digital printing. He’s been around digital output from the near beginning of color desktop printing. For previous gallery shows, we’ve always outsourced the printing and the framing. For the Seattle 100, I wanted for us to take on these roles. As such, I learned a ton from D–even if it’s just the basics–in the process of printing this pop-up show last fall and thought it would be good to have him share that knowledge here. Take it away Dartanyon…

Dartanyon here…and I’d like to take you on a little tour of how we went about printing and hanging the Seattle 100 Pop Up Gallery show. I should forewarn you though, this is just one method for printing. There are many ways to skin this cat. This way is by no means the only one, and it’s not the absolute BEST one. It’s simply one that I think has broad appeal because almost anyone can tackle the project with the right equipment, time, and understanding. As such, I’ll be walking through the following with the Seattle 100 project in mind so that we have something concrete to discuss, along with a rationale/decision process for the choices we made in hopes you can apply this to your future fine art printing needs.

    1. Printer Selection
    2. Paper Selection
    3. Profiling and Printing
    4. Drying
    5. Mounting and Hanging

1. Printer Selection and Setup. Chase was adamant that we bring the printing of this show in house. We wanted the creative control. Great blacks and Continue Reading →

The Photo/Video Travel Drive: Dartanyon’s Essential Gear

G-Tech Mini SSD that I use as a travel driveHey there y’all, Dartanyon here making a guest post appearance… In this installment of [my] Essential Gear, I’d like to talk about something I don’t leave home without: my travel drive.

 A travel drive is an external hard drive filled to the brim with the software, tools, and settings, that are so often overlooked as part of location computer setups. There are several scenarios where you may need to carry one of these, perhaps you’re traveling without a backup computer, or even without a computer at all, maybe you’re renting one on location.  I would advocate always carrying one of these drives:  A tech’s first responsibility is to be prepared, a digital eagle scout, if you will.  When things start going sideways with the computers [and they always do], everyone on set is going to be looking to you to fix it, fast, and with grace.  Want to be the hero? Hit ‘continue reading below’…
Continue Reading →

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