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Chase Jarvis LIVE on Thurs 5/12: Special Announcement That Involves YOU

If you’ve ever tuned into an episode of chasejarvisLIVE (or even if you’ve missed them all) tomorrow, Thursday, May 12 would be a great episode NOT to miss. I have a very special announcement I’d like to share with you LIVE from NYC. I’m personally as excited about this as any project I’ve ever launched. It involves a worldwide creative collaboration of artists and creatives, including YOU. Yes, literally you.

Who: You, Me, & a worldwide gathering of creative people
What: I’m introducing an exciting new art project that involves YOU. #cjLIVE
When: tomorrow Thursday, May 12th at 10:00am Seattle time (that’s 1 pm NYC time or GMT -8)
Where: visit It’s free.

Please tune in. I want you to be among the first to know about this project.

Support Twitter-Sourced Project “2:46 Quakebook”

As the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami have fallen lower on the news-cycle, a group of committed artists, some friends of mine and a whole lotta people–Yoko Ono, William Gibson, Barry Eisler, Jake Adelstein, Kings of Leon and others–have stepped up to create 2:46 #Quakebook, a “rich collection of essays, artwork and photographs submitted by individuals around the world, including people who endured the disaster and journalists who covered it.”

Quakebook, started with a tweet, just and idea, and now has emerged as fully formed art book. Amazon is printing this book for free and selling it physically (forthcoming). But the digital version of the book is available here. Buy it and please tell your friends.

100% of the proceeds go to Japan Red Cross.

The power of producing such a project and the speed behind which it has been exacted is seriously remarkable. Not only does it give hope and aid to the victims of the disaster, but it gives us creatives more insight, momentum, curiosity, and vision into the continued growth/evolution of high-quality, socially-sourced projects. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Japanese proverb: “Nasake wa hito no tame narazu”. Translation: the kindness we bestow on others benefits not only them but in some ways ourselves as well.
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A Polaroid and a Love Note

Friends. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for tuning into chasejarvisLIVE on Wednesday for our broadcast with We Are Augustines. Those guys showed us the love by opening up their backstory, their creative process, and a truly inspired performance. And you showed the love right back in spades. When I told the band that 30,000 of you tuned into the show on Wednesday–that they were performing to a virtual stadium full of people–they were speechless, blow away, grateful beyond words. The Seattle concert that evening (amazing!) ended up selling out, their social media blew up, the free song download link has been glowing red hot since the show aired. I learned a bunch from those guys, I had a blast, and, the icing on the cake: during the live photoshoot I got some really solid images. Will post those later somewhere.

Most importantly IMHO, is that the momentum you–this community–can create, the “virtuous cycle” kind of support you’ve showed chasejarvisLIVE, the format, and the guests, whether they’re emerging artists or established, will continue to make this show better. We’re doing real work to make this better and when you share it, you write about it, you participate in it, it evolves. And it just makes me want to do more. Huge thank you. Everyone = #winning.

A full audio-only podcast version of the show, downloadable here via free subscription in iTunes (or here via rss feed). A shorted edit of the show will get posted on my YouTube channel next week. Gotta tune in live to get the whole thing/real deal.

[To the few of you who nabbed the signed Polaroid images during the broadcast--like the one above--those should go out on Monday. Hit me on DM.] Continue Reading →

How & Why We Get Hired :: Interview with an Art Director

In case you missed the last chasejarvisLIVE, we posted the above video excerpt of my interview segment with art director/creative mojo/REI brand manager Jason Sutherland. In this video interview, Jason shares wicked insight on how photographers get selected for jobs, where he and his art director/creative director peers look for new talent, how he judges your work, why, and a whole lot more.

The above vid is only a portion of the full broadcast. Here’s a reminder on how this smorgasbord of chasejarvisLIVE content is shared so that you can get it how you want it going forward…

1. To get the full broadcast, and to be able to ask your questions via chat and twitter, you need to watch them LIVE on the day that they occur, or enjoy the rewatch posted exactly 12 hours later for those on the other side of the planet. For schedule and notice about when/where these are, follow the blog, twitter, Facebook.

2. Just 24 hours after the live broadcast we will post a full audio-only podcast version, downloadable here via free subscription in iTunes (or here via rss feed). I’ve heard from lots of you that… Continue Reading →

Photographer Chris Jordan on his Midway Project

I’m a huge fan of the work of a friend of mine, photographer Chris Jordan. His work is both subtle and bold, timely and timeless. Among other things, it beautifully (albeit tragically) explores human consumerism/consumption and the resulting detriments to the planet. From his work, we get a sense of freedom to grieve this predicament, but also a motivation toward change and inspired cause-based activism. The above video is a short chronicle of Chris’ midway project–a heavy, but brilliant undertaking.

This interview is the work of a longtime filmmaker buddy, Riley Morton, and is the first step in a collaboration between myself and Riley where we get together and–via my curation of subjects and his interviews–tell short stories about interesting people in Continue Reading →

Chase Jarvis LIVE on Wed April 6 – Taking All Your Questions [+ a Special Guest]

Whenever I give a talk or host a show, my fav part is the Q&A. Rather than me guessing what I should share, you just ask away. Especially the hard questions that you can’t learn in photography books: landing clients, overcoming failures, working with challenging clients, legal, gear, portfolio questions, whatever it might be. In this year’s first #AskChase version of chasejarvisLIVE, I got thru about 40 of your questions in the 90 min show. This time around, I’m hoping to double that, plus we’re adding another dimension.

The first half of the show will be me answering any questions you can put in the comments below. Rapid fire, as many as I can get thru. So don’t be shy, ask anything you’d like below and I’ll give you a shout out for asking it and do my best to answer with the dirty truth. But catch this: the second half of the show, I’ll have a guest with me. The Associate Creative Director for REI, Jason Sutherland. If you have been ignoring me are new here, then you’ll need to scroll back a bit and read the Diary of a Shoot I just wrapped up, where I chronicled my 9 day campaign shoot with them. Jason will be on hand to answer your specific questions, but also any/all your general questions about whatever you want to know from a client CD/AD perspective. Hopefully this is as good as gold.

Who: You, Me + guest Creative Director Jason Sutherland + a worldwide gathering of creatives
What: YOUR questions answered for 90 minutes
When: this coming Wednesday, April 6th at 10:00am Seattle time (1pm NYC or GMT -8)
Where: just visit
How to get your questions on the show: ASK THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

We will take some questions LIVE via the #cjlive or #AskChase hashtag on Twitter (follow @chasejarvis here) during the broadcast, however, Continue Reading →

Diary of a Shoot, Day 4 — Weather Is An Issue

Telluride 4.3

This here sign should not be laying in the dirt. We are in serious need of some snow.

It’s now day 4 of this project. But it’s the first shooting day. And shooting day 1 of any campaign, film, or project is always full of excitement, anticipation, butterflies. Doesn’t matter if you’ve done it 1000 times or only 10.

Our shoot day 1 had another rather friendly call time of 8am. Breakfast at 7, that is.  Wheels up to the first location at 8. I slept well for the first time in a long time. 7 full hours of sleep. But, my first glance out my window at 7:01 told me what I didn’t want to know……we were hosed on weather.

Deep, dark gray overcast. No snow in a long time, lots and lots of wind. A tough combo. So on days like this my excitement, anticipation, butterflies automatically goes into problem solving mode. And this isn’t just the case for me. For an experienced crew, this is true for everybody. At the professional level, everyone knows that you cannot control the weather. Everyone knows that the planning for this shoot has taken all possible weather forecasts into consideration. And everyone knows that the show must (and usually can) go on. It’s just ‘how’ that needs answering.

When you’re on a tight schedule as we are to create the assets we need to create, and the weather isn’t treating you right, our common approach to these situations is… Continue Reading →

Daily Diary of a Shoot. Day 1 Complete.

My alarm goes off. It’s 3:45 this morning. I snooze till 3:56. Now I’m up, but barely. No shower. Pull on dirty bluejeans. Tshirt. Brush teeth. Some quick math tells me that I’d just enjoyed a luxurious 3 hour and 15 minute night of sleep. Moving. Slowly. And then I remember more clearly. Ah yes..heading out of town again. Excited–but remembered that the cab to the airport is due here in 20 minutes. Finish packing in a hurry. Mental checklist. Breakfast? No time. Auto pilot. I’ve been here a hundred times before. Text message to my phone – cab out front. A first time treat – cab driver and Scott have fresh coffee on hand. It’s 4:14 am and we speed off into the darkness for a 5-something-a.m.-whatever wheels up departure. Again.

You might not be able to tell from the above paragraph, but that was this morning. I’m having that itch again to share the day-by-day guts of another commercial ad campaign with you as best I can with a few words each night. What we’re doing, thinking, feeling. And why. Yours truly, a cast, and a crew during a week-long campaign shoot. I’ve shared BTS stuff from campaigns before (ala the Sandisk shoot in 2009 and the work with Panerai and Mike Horn was great fun too). I’ll be doing that again as best I can this week, but on this trip I’m making an attempt to show more of the underbelly. What goes on. More of the nuts and the bolts. The real decisions, the snafus, the solutions. Take some of the glam out of the hard work we do. In short, report from the trenches.

I’ll do my best to write ‘dear diary…’ every night for 8 days straight, but if all I can muster one night is a sentence and a picture, bear with me. Let’s call it what it is. It’s another experiment. Could work out, could flop. Either way, aiming to share some stuff and have some fun along the way. So let’s get on with it…and back to that cab ride….[the rest of 'today', plus some photos to prove it after the jump] Continue Reading →

How Do We Keep Our Rights But Share Our Work?

In a followup to yesterdays post Stolen Photograph: A New Look at an Old Problem, which saw a lot of traffic and great discussion, I thought it would be prudent to share a poignant panel discussion I was recently a part of in NYC that addresses this topic head-on. It’s a dichotomy we all likely are dealing with… Simply put, most of us creatives want it both ways. We want a system that maintains our rights to the work we create while at the same time allows us to spread our work as far and wide as the internet and new media will allow.

How can we have it both ways?

This worthwhile panel discussion called Copyright and the New Economy: Issues and Trends Facing Visual Artists, hosted recently in NYC by, explores precisely these challenging topics. A note on the panelists after the jump… Continue Reading →

Talent is Everywhere: Photography Poetry

This work deserves a more in depth sharing at a later date, but in short I’ve done some recent work with the(RED) project around new ways to document, cultivate and otherwise further explore the intersection of music with film & photography. Things beyond the music video, honestly. Real integration, raw integration that sprouts up organically or from small, simple roots. The particular work I was doing on the day we shot the above was literally in the streets. Emotionally charged. Moving. Powerful. Some solid photos came out (click around here for a couple – more later), but what I was most excited about was that this work led me to meet the above man, and record the above piece live. He wished simply to be called “Corey”. The piece is Photography Poetry .

Talent is everywhere. Continue Reading →

It Ain’t All About You

Whenever us creative types get together, or–come to think of it–even when we’re alone, it’s usually all about “me”, “my”, or “we” or “I”. What is MY next gig, what am I doing to improve MY portfolio, MY solo exhibition, MY client list, MY ad campaign, MY blog, MY bank account, gear locker, self-promo mailer, vision… You get the point. Don’t deny it.

As a result, we can be overly paranoid, competitive, frustrated, cocky, going for broke, indulgent, critical, self-absorbed, self-loathing, self aggrandizing and overly analytical. We spend a lot of time living in our own heads.

But the truth is, we’re way better creatives when we’re better people. Better to ourselves, better to others, better to the world.

I just bumped into a close friend on the way back from my morning coffee. He shook my tree a little bit and told me a quick story in realizing this about himself. The story ended with his re-framing his self-focus into a simple plan to motivate a change. At the wrap up of each day he’s asking himself “what are 3 things I did to make somebody else’s life better today?”

I like that. Perhaps you should too.

New Audio Podcast

Wanted to announce that we officially have a new AUDIO podcast. This Audiocast will feature long form content where my photographer, filmmaker, guests, friends, and/or yours truly are primarily talking…things like all the chasejarvisLIVE interviews (featuring worldclass creative talent), #AskChase episodes, talks, etc.

You can find our audio podcast and/or subscribe to it here on iTunes. If there are another place we should also put it, let us know.

This won’t adversely affect our ongoing video podcast which features downloadable behind the scenes videos from my YouTube channel. [VIDEO podcast is here.] If anything, that will continue to improve. Technology is getting better and we’re getting our systems dialed so expect more–and better–there too. As always, all this stuff is free.

And speaking of getting things dialed in… I was outta town last week. And while I was away–completely unknown to me–Scott, Erik, and Norton decided to rope in an MC buddy of ours, Tilson, to “surprise me” and record a fun audio intro for the new podcast. Tilson is a character, and a man of many words. They filmed this process for a laugh. If you want to check out that video after the jump, hit more or ‘continue reading below’… Continue Reading →

chasejarvis LIVE on Wednesday Feb 9 — Taking Any & All Your Questions.

ask chase jarvisWhenever I give a talk or host a show, I’ve heard from this community time and again that one of the most valuable things is the Q&A wrap up. Straight up. You asking questions and me doing my best to answer them. And not just the “how’d you get started in photography” questions…. we’re talking the hard questions, landing clients, hiring staff, working with challenging clients, legal questions, gear questions, portfolio questions, whatever you can muster…

As such, we’re dedicating and entire 90 minute chasejarvisLIVE show to this topic this Wednesday. We will take some questions LIVE via the #cjlive or #AskChase hashtag on Twitter (follow @chasejarvis here) during the broadcast, however, so that we can be organized and get through as many questions as possible, please frame your questions below in the comments. Don’t be shy. Ask away. Anything is fair game. Whatever it is you really want to know about with photography and video–your questions and the dirty truth.

Who: You, Me + a worldwide gathering of photographers and filmmakers
What: I’ll be answering any/all the questions you can throw at me in 90 minutes
When: this coming Wednesday, February 9th at 10:00am Seattle time (1pm NYC or GMT -8)
Where: just visit
How to get your questions on the show: ASK THEM IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

I’ll bring your questions from the comments below onto the show and give you a shoutout for asking Continue Reading →

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