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One Day On Earth – You Tell the World’s Story

Today is October 10, 2010…or if you’re sharper than me, that would be 10.10.10. And today all across the world, documentary filmmakers, students and inspired people like you are organizing to record the human experience during this 24 hour period and contribute a voice to what looks to be the largest participatory media event in history.

Every country in the world–190 something–are participating, as well as nearly every major NGO…with cameras even being dropped into Somalia, Iran, Mongolia, etc, via UN supply chains. The goal? A global time capsule, a documentary film, a photo book, and some good ol’ creative spirit, among other things… Continue Reading →

Seattle 100 Project: Just 3 Weeks Out [But Shipping Now?]

In the 8 weeks leading up to my Seattle 100: Portrait of a City launch, I promised to be blogging, vlogging and any other sort of ‘ogging one can do, as well as answering questions to share the behind the scenes of what’s going on with the project. I’ve been doing some o’ that and now we’re just 3 weeks out…sorta, but better.

If you recall, in similar fashion to The Best Camera Is the One That’s With You concept (book, iphone app, online community), this Seattle 100 project is an entire ecosystem: a book, an edition of fine art gallery prints, and a burly website.

While the “official” launch of the project is not until October 21st, but the book is shipping [read on…] Continue Reading →

Photo & Video Workflow and Backup [chasejarvis LIVE Re-watch]

Friends: at your request we’ve loaded up a re-watch of last week’s episode of chasejarvisLIVE to my YouTube channel [subscribe here] for your review and perusal. If you’re at all interested in our digital photo & video workflow and backup, then this is worth your time. It’s a follow-up to our popular workflow video and post where we discussed and reviewed our entire digital strategy from capture through to delivery of final files to the client…even how we backup our daily work, our email preferences, and our music. You name it. The gear, the plans, the whole mess.

I’ve said it before, but it would be remiss not to mention it again: I think this topic is one of the most important fundamentals–not just for professional photographers and filmmakers like us–but for anyone with valuable digital content that’s worth backing up. In this episode, Scott, Dartanyon, Erik and yours truly took live questions from a worldwide twitter audience and addressed in depth earlier questions that we received from our recent post–about everything the basics of our strategy to the subtle and the scalable parts that make this worthwhile to almost anyone.

We’ll keep an eye out for the comment section below for this post and do our best to answer any other topics/questions we may have missed. Surely there’s plenty.

Workflow and Backup for Photo & Video on ChaseJarvis LIVE Tuesday!

Without a doubt, one of our most popular posts of 2010 has been this post where we outline in detail our photo and video workflow from capture to delivery of digital assets to clients. Every step is included in that post or video, but EVEN THEN we had a huge number of questions about it. As in hundreds and hundreds. Questions that are important and deserve answers. That’s the reason we’ve decided to dedicate an entire episode of chasejarvisLIVE to this topic for tomorrow!

Who: YOU and the Chase Jarvis Crew
What: chasejarvisLIVE discusses photo & video workflow – takes questions from a global audience
Where: tune in to
When: Tuesday, Sept 28 at 9:30am Seattle west coast time [12:30pm New York time]
[to help with time zone weirdness here’s a quick iCal & gCal -d worked up]

I’ll offer my decade of experience on the matter, but what’s more cool is that I’ll be hosting my entire tech crew on the show: Scott, Dartanyon, and Erik. They’re the guys who literally walk the data through each of the steps, whether it’s still photos, HDdSLR video, RED or Phantom cinema cameras. They’re opinionated and have a ton of experience–they have all been doing this at the pro level for about 5-10 years. And tomorrow we’ll a lot of the questions that came in after our initial posting, plus we’ll be taking questions LIVE from YOU via twitter at hashtag #cjlive.

It’s a big topic, with dozens of components, from the very basic to the very complex. We’re aiming to simply this complex process. I’m re-posting the video from a few month ago after the jump in case you missed it or in hopes that you’ll get a chance to watch it and formulate some questions for tomorrow’s show. Click to see that again and keep reading… Continue Reading →

Which Photos Should I Donate?

chase jarvis bdayIndeed, today is my birthday! I’m celebrating with family and friends up at our cabin on the coast (snapshot here of yours truly at our fire on the beach last night), but there is something else that’s on my mind today. Giving back. And I’ve decided that in this coming year of my life, one of my goals is to give more time, money, and effort toward philanthropy and charity.

This will take many manifestations this year, but here’s one quick thing I’d like your help in tackling today. I get tapped every year to donate prints for numerous charity auctions, and I always struggle with which ones to give. A couple such asks are on my hot plate right now, and I’m stuck, so my ask of you today is very simple:

Out of all the images in my online portfolios here, would you please click around and tell me which image(s) is/are your favorite? Please specify by gallery name and image number.

I’m not looking for praise or critique, I’d just love to know which image(s) you like from any on this site so that we can collate all the feedback and use this community’s thoughts to help determine which prints I donate to raise money this year.

Thanks in advance. Your time here is the best birthday gift I could think of receiving.

Chase Jarvis TECH: Complete Workflow and Backup for Photo + Video

This may well be the most important behind-the-scenes video we’ve made to date. Not because it’s fancy or sexy, but because it covers arguably the most essential information on a set of topics that every photo and video person should understand: workflow, storage and backup of your precious images. This video covers all the ins and outs, the theory and the details of our complete photo and video workflow from capture to archive and everything in between. So whether you’re a seasoned pro, an aspiring amateur, or just starting out in photography or video we’ve worked hard to make this worth your time.

While there is no “right” digital workflow, ours has been shaped in the professional environment over the past 10 years. More importantly the techniques we use, the gear, the methodology, everything discussed herein been time tested and entirely scalable depending on budget, experience and where you’re at personally in photography and video, wheter you’ve got millions of images or just hundreds. Ultimately, this is a template, a summary of our experience piled into one video and one blog post. Photography, video, and filmmaking are my passions, but they’re also my livelihood, so–as you’d imagine–I take workflow, storage and backup solutions very seriously.

There are, of course, a number of ways to do this stuff, but several key concepts remain consistent no matter what your level of experience. In recent years, workflow, storage and backup has probably been the most requested topic I’ve been asked to cover…and rightly so. It’s important. While I generally don’t actively ask, I’m going with a different approach on this one. Since I’m hoping to re-ignite the dialogue on this entire subject, I would love for you to embed, share, retweet, re-post or share this with your friends. Arguably these principles–especially the parts on storage and backup of data, apply to everyone, not just us photogs. It’s my goal that this becomes a living reference, a launchpad for further discussions on this sorta nerdy–but important–topic. I fully expect there to be questions, counterpoints, and alternative views. It’s all welcome. The comments section of this post will be another place for great information and discussion.

In addition to the video above, there’s a HUGE RESOURCE of written workflow and backup after the jump. You’ll find additional images, a downloadable pdf, even B&H links to all our workflow gear after the jump, so please dig in… Continue Reading →

Lend a Hand and I’ll Give You Some G-Tech

chase jarvis town hallFriends: It’s the weekend and I’m focused on some personal stuff that could use your help if you’re willing. I’m trying to help my favorite non-profit win a $125,000 grant to make emergency repairs to their building, and I’m willing to incent you with about $500 bucks in gear for your help in doing so. If you are interested, please read on.

[NEWEST update: in what the sponsoring group, Partners in Preservation, called “an unprecedented photo finish” I’m soooo happy and grateful and pround to announce that WE DID IT! Town Hall wins $125,000 grant. Thank you thank you thank you!]

[UPDATE: we went to 1st but are now back in 2nd, so we need your help more than ever. Don’t forget to follow the instructions below, it’s a little tricky. And more importantly, please vote everyday. Karma points. ]

Background: Town Hall Seattle is a cultural center based in Seattle that showcases diverse music, arts and humanities, civic discourse, and world culture programming. They feature the broadest range of any programming that I’ve ever known–from hosting cultural heavy hitters like David Lynch, Moby, Malcolm Gladwell, Barak Obama, Al Gore, and Arianna Huffington all the way to community activists, children’s choirs, poets, Seattle’s hip hop acts, and the local Spelling Bee. It’s simply an amazing cultural and creative hub.

Here’s the good news: the grant winner is decided purely by a popular vote online. The most votes wins. Here’s the challenge: Currently Town Hall is in 2nd place by 1% and the voting ends THIS Wednesday May 12. It would mean the world to me and the my community if you would vote. And here’s some incentive from yours truly. 100% honor system here. IF you vote, and IF leave a comment below saying that you’ve voted I will choose one person from the comment section below (bonus points for roping in your friends to vote too…) and send them a super-awesome 2 TB worth of G-Tech hard drive love (+/- $500 value) from my personal stash. We roll G-Tech drives exclusively around here, and I’m expressly grateful for their support.

Now go forth and vote. It’s easy:
1. Visit the grant award site here and select ‘New User’ in the ‘Vote Now’ box.
2. Register with a name, email and password. (Don’t be scared off by this. It’s harmless and you can check the don’t contact me box!)
3. Scroll down to Town Hall and click on it. A check will appear, but you’re not done yet.
4. IMPORTANT: now scroll to bottom of the page and click VOTE.
5. Awesome. Now that you’re registered and logged in, you can vote everyday thru Wednesday 12th. Bonus karma points if you vote today, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Yes, whoever built this voting widget wrote code like it was 1998, but don’t let that get in your way. We all Continue Reading →

FREE LIVE Event: HDDSLR Cinema with Vincent Laforet

chase jarvis blog_vincent laforet classHey hey. Reminder that over at, we’re bringing in my good buddy Vincent Laforet for a FREE all-weekend-long workshop about making videos with the new breed of HDdSLR cameras.

[update: we’re LIVE now! check it out. And… you spoke, we listened. For those who couldn’t catch it, every night there is a full FREE playback starting 8pm Seattle TIME (gmt -8)…still pay to download if you wanna keep it…]

Starting tomorrow, from 9am to 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yes that’s THIS weekend, all day long, all weekend long) Vince will be delivering a firehose of instruction that will help you + any first-time filmmakers and photographers making the transition into video understand the core building blocks necessary to make their first videos and short films. This is a soup to nuts how-to course, from gear, to theory, to execution, and all you need is an internet connection to participate. Live chat with the classroom and conversations via @creativeLIVE on Twitter included.

Register in advance here. The daily schedule is posted here. Drop in when you have time, or stay for the whole weekend. As with all creativeLIVE classes, the live feed is free. Pay to download if you wanna put it on your hard drive, ipod, or wherever you want.

Course Information

* Course: An introduction to HDDSLR Cinema.
* Instructor: Vincent Laforet
* When: Friday, April 30 – Sunday, May 2 (9am – 6pm PDT, GMT -8)

And FWIW, I think I’m gonna drop in one day to pay a visit in person. Hope to catch you there.

This Wednesday – Copyright and the New Economy

chase jarvis - copyright is complexI want my work to be protected and used only when I want and how I want. But I also want it to be consumable in the new media. Confused like the rest of us?

If you make art for a living or are interested in the rapidly evolving rights for people who create stuff–and especially if you live in/around NYC–then point yourself at this FREE day-long symposium brought to you by the fine folks at ASMP. It’s on WEDNESDAY of this week. I’ll be presenting, talking about my personal experiences in the legal system as well as with the new media. But perhaps certainly more useful, there will be a panel and I’ll be lucky enough to be seated alongside the esteemed Harvard Law professor/founder of the Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, plus a whole bunch of other talented and smart people above my pay grade and moral standing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010. TimesCenter, 242 West 41st St. New York, NY 10018

It’s FREE. Register here to attend. Schedule details and a list of my co-panelists after the jump Continue Reading →

Introducing Worldwide FREE Creative Education [updated]

[updated 8-April 2010: I added the recording of the live announcement after the jump]

Hello Friends! I’m happy and proud to announce today that over that past year I’ve been working together with my super-tech friend Craig Swanson to bring you the world’s first LIVE creative education internet channel. And the best news? It’s FREE. That’s right, it’s free to watch any and all live feeds from some of the world’s best creative instructors. Tune into and check it out. Calendars, courses, archives and more.

On the photography side of things, we excited to announce in quarter one featuring Vincent LaForet, David DuChemin, Zack Arias, Scott Bourne, Art Wolfe, and many others. Wanna learn how to have vision in photography? We’ve got the instructor. HD Dslr Cinema, we’ve got it. Lighting? We’ve got it. Software? We’ve got that too. And if we don’t have it? Tell us and if there’s demand, we’ll create it for you.

I’m not an instructor, but it’s been a huge goal for the past year to connect the community with many of my friends who ARE instructors and ARE amazing at what they do. The goal here is to help democratize creativity.

In addition to all the photography gurus and course, we’ve got design classes, painting and other fine art classes, and programming classes up the wazzu. You’ll find … Continue Reading →

LIVE Broadcast: Special Announcement + Q&A

What: special LIVE announcement + Q&A; followup

Where: at the url

When: Wednesday April 7th at 10:40am USA west coast PDT.
(1:40pm USA east coast USA EDT)
GMT -8 on the international clock.

Hi Friends. If you’ve been tuned in here, then you know we’ve been doing a good bit of LIVE broadcasting lately. It’s been really fun. And there’s more of it to come WEDNESDAY. I’ve got an exciting announcement I’d like to share with you on our LIVE channel, and that announcement will be followed by a worldwide, live Q&A; via Twitter.

If you can be available please tune in tomorrow (maybe today depending on where in the world you live!) at the above time!

Hope to see you there.

I’m Live at TEDx This Sunday. Fearlessness in Creativity.

Hopefully you’ve heard of TED talks. If you haven’t, you must check them out. The annual big TED conference happens every winter in California, but there are a series of smaller events that happen worldwide year round… Just so happens that I’m delivering one of those talks at Carnegie Mellon University on this coming Sunday, April 4. Easter for those of you who observe it or like eggs and bunnies.

I’ll be talking about Fearlessness in Creativity somewhere in the vicinity of 3:30 and 4:30pm EAST coast time. Which is 12:30 – 1:30 West coast time. The event is sold out, BUT good news: it will be streamed LIVE right from the stage to your desktop or (ahem) iPad by clicking on this link:

I highly recommend you tune in to several other speakers, like Raghava KK for example, earlier in the day, starting at 10am EDT. A complete list of speakers and times can be found here.

Hope you’re able to check it out. Wish me luck. Have a happy weekend.

4 Days Left To Snag $10,000 from SanDisk

Remember the campaign I shot for SanDisk down in New Zealand last autumn? T’was the campaign where SanDisk was cool enough to let me blog/tweet/facebook about shooting the ads in real time, which made it the first global campaign of its kind. In part, those ads I shot have been used to promote their Best Photo Sequence contest in partnership with Freeskier and Snowboard Magazine.

Plain and simple, the best skiing and the best snowboard photo sequence selected from a panel of judges (include the photo editors from both magazines and yours truly), will EACH win $5000 in cash and have their image run in the mags. That contest submission period ends on this Thursday, April 1st at 5:00pm MDT. So if you don’t have a half dozen or so epic images in the running and if you live in the US of A (sorry foreign friends…us dullard yanks are working on changing things for these contests in the future…), get your gear, hit the slopes for the big spring dump, and go make some pictures.

Submit your images here, plus lots more info at and after the jump… Continue Reading →

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