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Bio of a Commercial Shoot: 9 Days in 4.5 Minutes

Last year during our winter photo/video campaign for REI, Chase asked me to shoot a few behind the scenes stills every day to contribute to his Diary of a Shoot blog series. The following is what he got in return. This is what happens when you ask the video guy to shoot stills.

Too fast for you? Take spin through Chase’s blog series for the daily play by play of the shoot. It’s packed with useful information.

The music is “Eyes Be Closed” by Washed Out. If you dig it, you can buy it here.

Weird Thoughts Inspire: Animal Photos in a Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

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Photo: Richard Allenby-Pratt

A friend of mine always has the same weird thought when visiting Las Vegas, “What would an alien make of this place in a totally abandoned state? Can you imagine the ruins of a slot machine with no context?” It’s these weird thoughts that can lead to your next piece of personal work. Mine usually come at 3am.

An example of some post-apocalyptic creativity is Richard Allenby-Pratt’s series Abandoned (which my friends at Flavorwire brought to my attention) where endangered animals are the only survivors in a barren landscape. No humans anywhere – but solitary peacocks, giraffes, rhinos and gazelles wander the urban ruins. Allenby-Pratt explains on his website, “This project imagines a future without people, where the relics of our unrealised ambitions are populated by some of the species we have, in the present day, come so close to exterminating.” Thought provoking statement and some equally stunning photos. Click through some of the image tabs above to get the flavor .
Go Richard Allenby-Pratt’s site to see more.

GoPro video starring Ryan Sheckler’s NYC skate session

I love what GoPro is making possible. These are things I’ve been asking for from a lot of manufacturers for years. I’m excited someone is listening.

Friday Fun – The Lemon-Ginger Caipirinha

Straight from Guaruja Brazil - the ginger caipirinha

It’s summertime and the weekend is here. I had the good fortune of discovering this fresh Brazilian cocktail this week in Guaruja surrounded by old and new friends. I highly recommend you try it out. Have a great weekend.

3 small chopped seeded lemons or small oranges, limes, tangerines (no need to peel)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon grated peeled ginger
3/4 cup lemon juice (or other citrus of choice – tangerine, lime, orange)
1 1/2 cup cachaça (Brazilian sugarcane liquor) or vodka

Divide lemons (or small oranges, tangerines or limes – we had lemon) among 6 tumblers. Add 2 teaspoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon grated peeled ginger to each glass. Crush the ingredients in the bottom of the glass with a muddler or handle of a wooden spoon. Top each drink with 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1/4 cup cachaça (Brazilian sugarcane liquor) or vodka. Fill glasses with ice cubes, stir, and serve.

Daily Awesome: Digital Camera Made of Cardboard

Image via The Fancy

IKEA may seem like nothing more than a necessary evil for those who don’t wanna drop a full paycheck on a single piece of furniture (and hey, their pre-fab systems and some in-store displays are actually quite innovative…), but this here is some next level shiz: an eco-friendly, cardboard-bodied digital camera.

Shoots/stores up to 40 images, uses AA batteries (which, if you can find them hiding in the remote control, are a lot more convenient than clunky camera batteries which require special chargers), and it even features a super-handy swing-out USB plug for downloading your pure photo gold.

Not available in stores yet, but anticipated soon. And… not saying this will replace your iphone/droid, but I guarantee it’ll be a conversation-starter at parties or on location for your next commercial gig…

via engadget.

From Skulls to Spam Cans — These Cameras Are SuperCool & SuperWeird

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Turtleshell camera by Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs via Flavorwire
My homies over at Flavorwire ran a really cool gallery of cameras made out of unusual stuff–like trees, shells, and–like you see in the photo above, a turtle shell (no turtles were harmed in the making…only natural causes of death…)… Which got me thinking: cameras have been along so long, people have had the chance to do some really weird stuff with them.

Though a lot of manufacturers might have you think differently, the body of your camera can actually–realistically–be made out of almost anything–who didn’t make a pinhole camera out of shoebox in their high school photography class? But some crafty photogs and designers take it to a whole new level. Some are hacked together out of other camera parts. Some are made of totally unrelated material. And one comes with shoes, dresses, and accessories sold separately. Flip through to see some of the cool/weird stuff via the image tabs above the photo here…
Lemme know below–anybody out there ever made a crazy camera?

Creatives: Are You Killing Yourself on Price?

raise your price, raise your profile on chase jarvis blog by andertoons

Are the fees or prices you’re charging for your creative services too low? I bet they are.

Try doubling the money. You have to deliver the goods, of course, but that’s true in any work. Chances are that the clients you ditched needed ditching, the clients you carry forward and the new clients you land will pay those fees happily and will better understand the value you bring.

And I’m guessing you’ll be happier and much better off in the long run.

(via Mark Anderson/

Visual Voodoo: People as Street Art

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Street artist Mark Jenkins challenges people with his unique sculptures of humans in interesting or compromising situations. Made from packing tape and then dressed in pants and shirts, wigs and jewelry, these “dummy” arrest the passerbys with surprise and delight. Click through the gallery above to see some prime examples of Mark Jenkins’ work. Photos of the pedestrians passing seem completely disinterested in the oddities that they are strolling right past.

Twin beds and sleeping beauties on the sidewalk, headless people staring at the wall. Jenkins challenges the perception and kindness of city dwellers, in a simple and human way. The photographs of it, offer a meta view of this challenge.

Anybody got links that challenge our city dwelling with disruptive human art? I just can’t get enough…

**Update/Reminder: Come watch us work. Mark your calendars to join us LIVE online on Wednesday, February 29th. We’re broadcasting a LIVE, interactive fashion shoot with the legendary $150,000 Phantom cinema capturing 1000 frames or more per second in HD resolution. Details are here, attendance is free. Tune in.

Know Your Rights as a Photographer & Filmer! [PSA from JGL +]

Want to know what your rights are as a photographer in the USA for shoot photos in public? All of us USA’ers do, as well as anyone who might travel here.

So…As a part of his hitRECORD project, kudos go out to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (my best friend panel pal – here we are talking creativity…) for calling on the ghost of Ben Franklin to educate us via this cheesy–but very informative–cartoon by the ACLU and hitRECORD.

[Keep in mind this video talks about your rights to shoot images/video as an individual and not about shooting commercial projects in public which require a permit! But don’t fear – we have detailed all that commercial stuff for you in this awesome post here… ]


joseph gordon levitt rights w aclu and hitrecord

The Next Time You Have A Great Idea…

The next time you have a great idea, don’t write it down. Just do your great idea.

[Btw, the irony of this note is not lost on me…]


[I’m starting to more regularly post these little notes I scribble out–little journal notes to myself that I’m making public. If you like them, please let me know here, G+ or Twitter. I write them using Amazing Type-writer app for iPhone.]

Blender Blowout!! Why You Don’t Try This At Home [The “Blend” Spot Outtakes]

Hopefully you got a laugh from my video earlier this week where I literally blended (as in put them in a blender) in parody fashion an old Polaroid analog camera and a digital point and shoot, to give birth to the new Polaroid Z340 (avail here)

Well…we had a blast making the video, but we DID experience a full-on blender blowout in the final stage of blending!! (watch the original, see if you notice me covering the blowout in the shot where I’m pouring out the Z340…) You asked for the outtakes, so here ya go. You’ll see we did some fancy camera cuts to make the final spot look like it did, but the whole blowout thing underscores the prime reason you don’t try this shiz at home. Original spot is below if you missed it. Happy holidays!

[Take note that the cameras we blended were actually already nonfunctional dummy cameras, so no working lovelies were harmed in the making of this vid. Also note my safety glasses and the stupid-ass grin on my face. Lastly, note the fresh surf beats in the background, compliments of King of Hawaii. If you’re already sick of the holiday music in your ears, pick up their off-pace Christmas Album here on iTunes and make your holiday a little bit spicier.]

“Blend” of Old Analog & New Instant Digital: The Polaroid Z340

Got a wild hair one day last week and had a BLAST making this little video about the new Polaroid Z340 — a blend of old analog and new digital technologies. Hope you dig it enough to have a laugh, watch it again, and forward to your friends.

Polaroid has never been about specs or crazy high end performance, they’re about fun, instant prints, and kitsch. The Z340 delivers on that – perfect for the holidays and party time.

If you must know…
-14 Megapixels
-640×480 video
-2.5 inch LCD display
-SD card slot
-Zink zero ink prints in under 60-seconds (30 seconds faster than the old analog style…)

Available at here from B&H. Extra Zink paper can be found here. Happy holidays!

[Oh ya, that tune you hear in the background? That freshness is The Blakes. Check them here on iTunes. Aside: Remember I pimp Polaroid on the regular…AND…seriously… Don’t try this blending thing at home. I am a certified stunt man, and this can’t be good for your blender, your cameras, or your safety. Also: stay tuned for the outtakes… ]

Your Photo Data Is Safe…Underwater?

That’s right, you read the headline is correct. Over the weekend a diver, Markus Thompson, found a camera at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of British Colubmia. He salvaged the camera, poked around a little bit (determining that the camera had been dropped into the water in August 2010), recovered the data off the card and, using Google+, found the owner.

Markus’ original post and updates here. The social web doing some good, a photographer getting back some property along with some thought-to-be-long-lost images… But… I’m guessing that all you really want to know is the brand of the card, right?

Funny, although I don’t blame you. Apparently this was a SanDisk Extreme III but, not that it overly matters…regardless what type of card you use, it’s true that many cards/types/brands can survive total submersion in water… now we just know that at least some of them can hang out in salt water for year(s)

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