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Special chasejarvis LIVE on Wed Oct 26th — Join Us In Person & Mark your Calendar

UPDATE: Some of you have already heard the news…As such wanted to confirm here that our musical guest for the Wednesday, October 26 is the amazing MACKLEMORE with DJ Ryan Lewis (we went behind the scenes on a recent music vid with them here…). They’re perhaps the fastest rising hiphop act in the country, recently packing the Bumbershoot Main Stage with more than 10,000 fans. They’ll be a part of a Q&A about creative process, music, filmmaking, keeping it real AND…you guessed it, a live in studio performance. Spread the word. PLUS…Another mindblowing guest–coming all the way from Paris–to be announced here this weekend. Stay tuned.

Friends! Very excited to announce an extra special doozie of a chasejarvisLIVE, on Wednesday October 26th. This one’s not to miss – AMAZING guests to be announced this week and…drumroll please…for the first time, we’re welcoming a live in-studio audience to join the show.

Want to attend in person? Send an email NOW to with cjLIVE in the subject line. We’ll draw 25 names at random this weekend. Winners will be notified via email and can join me, plus our sweet-ass guests behind the production, on the set. We’ll probably have a little soire or something too.

Focus of the show is living your creative dreams (guests announced soon, to include a musical guest that will blow your mind). Plus we’re giving away tons of gear – gotta watch live to win.

WHAT: special edition chasejarvis LIVE
WHO: You, me, and some kick ass special guests
WHERE: online at or maybe at my Garage soundstage in Seattle!
WHEN: October 26th – 11am Seattle time

To be the first to find out about the guests, future chasejarvisLIVE and special happenings, join the email list on this page.

Considering attending the PhotoPlus tradeshow following #cjLIVE? Registration is avail here. (I’ll be there).

Want to know what gear we’re giving away, stay tuned here and follow the sponsors of this special #cjLIVE edition on Twitter:

Polaroid: @polaroid
Broncolor Lighting: @bronimaging
Chimera @chimeralighting
LowePro Camera Bags @lowepro
Epson @epsonamerica
B & H Photo Video @bhphotovideo

More soon, homies. Stay tuned.

Canon 5D Mark III Pre-Production Camera…

Someone just sent this to me. “Chase Jarvis has a Pre Production Canon 5d Mark III”.

Yeah, I guess that makes it true…

(guessing it’s the handy detective work of Dave @ Learning dSLR video).

Order to Chaos — My Favorite 60 Photos of 21,000 From A Single Night

I’ve shared the whole lot of these before in video format, but today it gives me great pleasure to present my favorite 60 or so images– edited down from a body of work called “Life of the Party” containing more than 21,000 images captured in a single 5 hour evening. Yes you read that correctly…(via an out-of-control set up at our last studio anniversary party).

Click here for my favorite results.

[***UPDATE: BTW, a lot of people have asked how we edit huge volumes of work like this down to our favs. So to learn how we do it (works for any level photograher), check out our infamous post: Photo Editing 101 .]

Party pics or cultural ethnography?…I’m not the judge. I’m just presenting the priceless facts that I’ve come to love. Most of all, Happy Friday – perhaps share with a friend who is stuck in a cubicle.

Photo Geek History Lesson: Pictures that Jiggle [Stereoview to Cinemagraph]

Animated gifs have become an internet favorite. And for good reason; a little bit of movement can go a long way in making an image come alive. But let’s take a geek peek at the history and evolution of these suckers. Me thinks you’ll likey.

In the early days, photogs made use of the stereoview. A stereoview is two photographs of the same scene taken from two slightly different perspectives, mounted side by side on a card; the photos combine and appear three-dimensional when seen through a viewing device called a stereoscope. Back in the day you’d get the 3D effect from a stereoscope.

Some examples from the Civil War via NPR’s Picture Show and from from the Smithsonian’s Photographic History Collection to show the images in 3-D by flickering the right and left sides of the views. Your eyes and brain will collaborate (ie freak out) to give the sense of depth. The captions are transcribed directly from the back of the stereoview card.

Here’s an animation of some women using a Stereoscope in Japan.

Then as we move along to the advent of the web, where we can see some more modern, delightful imagery from over at Dangerous Minds–Bar Mitzvah goodness–made with this same technique, minus the stereoscope contraption used by the lovely Japanese women above, and done with, um, software.

Fast forward to a newer kid on the block – the photographic animation leapfrog…using a still camera that can motordrive 6-10 frames per second and some fancier software. Here Blake Sinclair snags a shot of his adorable Olive, using motor-drive and then animating in Photoshop.

And on now to the newest prize, also by Sinclair, but this one is shot with video, and then masked certain elements to keep the stillness. This sort of animation is the current benchmark, and is more technically be deemed a Cinemagraph, which melds video and still into a seamless moment.

Most recently you may have seen traipsing around the internet, the work of duo Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg who have developed the technique beautifully. Here’s how they do it, as  described to The Atlantic in a recent profile:

We began seriously creating them during fashion week this past February. Our first few animated images were sequenced still shots looped in rapid succession which is a fairly common way of making an animated image. From there we began utilizing more fluid motion isolated in certain parts of an image to capture a moment of time, but also to un-freeze a still photograph by showing that moment’s temporal movement. The process involves still and video photography but editing is very manual and varies greatly from one to another so we’re routinely solving new problems when creating them.

We feel there are many exciting applications for this type of moving image. There’s movement in everything and by capturing that plus the great things about a still photograph you get to experience what a video has to offer without the time commitment a video requires. There’s something magical about a still photograph — a captured moment in time — that can simultaneously exist outside the fraction of a second the shutter captures.

These have become a bit of an internet sensation, and you can see why– these little vignettes are pretty appealing:

And lastly, check out their commercial application, here for Dogfish Ale. This truly feels like it’ll be pretty damn popular in the future. Or at least like Minority Report.

So there’s the brief history for you photo geeks. I probably missed something, in which case I’m hoping you’ll enlighten us all in the comments below… thoughts, links or images.

And BTW, when is the Stereograph/Cinemagraph iPhone app coming out?

Photoshop of Horrors: Vogue Mag Forgets Body Parts, Do You Care?

Happy Friday. Over at Vogue magazine, it seems the retouching crew was a little remiss with Mario Testino’s shot of Kate Moss and her daughter Lila –seems they…er…left off a few of her daughters fingers. Or worse, that her daughters fingers actually fused into her mom’s back.

So, we all know Photoshop happens. They’re in there taking out zits and making people skinnier than they really are, and taking out wrinkles and on and on. Yes, yes, we all “know” this. But is “oops, I just left off a few body parts” excusable? I don’t know where I stand on this. It’s a beautiful shot, but the sophomoric blunder isn’t lost on me.

Do YOU even care, or is it just expected that there will be some mistakes and faux pas along the way, so we should just get on with it anyway….?

(faux pas via Jezebel)

How To Build a Cyclorama Wall With [Mostly Naked] Ashley

Looking for a weekend project for your photo studio? Alrighty then.

Thoroughly amused at the approach taken here in this vid by folks at EyeHandy, having mostly naked model Ashley showing us how to make a cyc wall. Funny though, if you can get past the scantily clad builder using power tools (not sure why you’d want to do that…but….), the truth is that the actual info here on how to build a cyc is really well done.

Lot’s of people have asked if we have a cyc in either of our joints and truth is we do not. I’m only shooting in studio 10% of the time, so having that space be transformative (ie. not committed to a cyc) is preferred for us. If you ARE in the studio a lot, then…ahem…perhaps hire Ashley. Says at the end of the video that the cost is $1250. For the materials. Continue Reading →

A huge thank you

Thanks for all the well wishes for my birthday. I’m spending today the same way I’ve always spent it relaxing and enjoying time with my friends and family.

Continue Reading →

Olympus is Talking Shit About Your Camera Phone

Image by Mark Matthews @markmimage

Seems that a new guerrilla campaign by Olympus in Australia is talking shit about the “rubbish” photos from your camera phone.

“If you’re camera also sends text messages, that will explain why your photos are rubbish.”

Plaques in select Aussie cities bearing the above slogan have been pasted to the street and other urban environs, with the url linking to Olympus. Personally, the message bugs me, but it’s pretty damn clever — made me look twice and type in the url. … Continue Reading →

Cameras + Explosives + Rockets = Photo Nerd 4th of July

Here in the USA today we’re celebrating Independence Day. I’m up at the cabin chilling out, but wanted to invite you to join in, wherever you’re from.

Above is a video of how pure camera nerds party on the 4th.

Here’s what the NYC cops do on the 4th.

And finally, for you DIY types, here’s how to photograph YOUR very own 4th of July fireworks.

Catch you back in the studio tomorrow. Until then, keep it safe & sane. Continue Reading →

Now I’m Calling You Out, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Ok, so this came to my inbox 100% outta left field. But I love it. We’ve never met in person, but it seems that multi-platinum, grammy-award-winning, big-butt-loving Sir Mix-A-Lot just called me out.

Alrighty, Sir Mix, you want back in the door? You got it. Here’s how: you come to my studio in Seattle and be my guest on chasejarvisLIVE on Wednesday July 6th at 10am. Lord knows that our live, worldwide audience (and yours truly) would love to meet you and could learn a thing or two. We’ll talk shop, have some laughs, we’ll do a quick photoshoot live on the air, and/or you can drop a rhyme or spin a set for us on the 1’s and 2’s.

And you can tell us all a little more about your new Facebook game. [Apparently the Seattle Post Intelligencer likes it.]

Got what it takes Mix? Let’s do this…. Continue Reading →

Battle At F-Stop Ridge

I’m whupped, so I’m going low brow on this one. Had to laugh. You gear heads are gonna love this. Continue Reading →

chase jarvis RAW: making pokemon with the presidents [video]

[note: this is behind the scenes – the finished vid is below…]

Ever since I was a kid I’ve envisioned shooting videos the old way…the “practical” way where the moves and gimmicks, the set changes and the moving walls happen in camera, in real time, and real space, as opposed to the numerous luxuries we have nowadays in post production. In short, the opportunity to live out that vision from when I was a kid is precisely why I was jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with my pals in the triple-platinum band The Presidents of The United States of America (Lump, Kitty, Peaches, Dune Buggy) on a music video for…check this out: Pokemon. It was a complete blast. Loved every minute of it.

And, it’s all practical, baby–and phew is that hard. Learned a ton through the process…not just about the cute little Pokemon characters, but about the amazing challenges working almost entirely in camera. And the choreography? Whoa. That’s HARD too, but it’s a wonderful challenge and something I think every filmmaker should play with at some point.

For the record, we shot it all at 4k on the RED, and had a lean crew of about 20 to pull this off. Huge props to the cast and crew–especially Loren and the art department who stepped up big to make this happen.

So enjoy the latest chase jarvis RAW above. We did our best to share all the moving parts, from concept to wrap. Lemme know how we did. And of course, the final video is below.

[and lastly, BTW…don’t forget to join us LIVE tomorrow on Wednesday April 27 – we’re shooting LIVE with the band We Are Augustines. Anyone can tune in, details are here ]

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