Top 20 Photography Blogs According To Some Math

Thought y’all might be interested in a list of the top photography blogs (according to some math) that was recently forwarded to me unsolicited from Invesp Consulting, a firm specializing in internet data. According to them, the ranking was established “using 16 different criteria and an algorithm that took 8 months to develop…and from a sample of 20,000 photo blogs”. Links to all the top 20, plus a hundred or so others, after the jump . If some of these sites aren’t one your list, check them out and consider subscribing. [Click the ‘continue reading’ link below.]

1. Digital Photography School
2. Strobist
4. The Luminous Landscape
5. Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips
6. PopPhoto: Tests & Reviews
7. Digital Camera Reviews, Ratings, Tips and Comparisons
8. Chase Jarvis Blog
9. 1001 Noisy Cameras
10 A Photo Editor
11. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips
12. Photography Served Featured Projects
13. Pro Photo Life
14. Photojojo
15. Shoot the Blog
16. Photoshop User TV
18. Pioneer Women Photography – Ree Drummond
19. Joe McNally’s Blog
20. JMG Galleries – Jim Goldstein

More after the jump. [Click the ‘continue reading’ link below.]

Remember this list is just by somebody’s math and is not my list, nor should it be yours definitively. It’s a by the numbers approach that some might find useful.

Of note is that a lot of these blogs are gear, tech, and how-to related…all important for sure, but that said, I’d encourage you not to get too hung up on gear and specific how-to stuff. It’s addicting and easy to do that online, but it’s only a fragment of the picture.

Instead, consider seeking out some blogs that also reveal a wider range of subject matter. Elements of creative culture, mindset, vision, approach and the numerous other elements of photography, film, or art that are arguably the most important elements of these crafts. IMHO, you’ll find that info more readily from the blogs of independent creatives, ADs, PEs, and art sites than you will from some other, more-easily-stumbled-upon blogs. But that’s just my 2 cents.

Spend some time digging deeper, lemme know if you have favs, report back. I’d love to see more independent artists higher on this list in the future.

Here’s all the data and results by category that Invesp used, with links to a hundred or more photo blogs.

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