Who Wants My iPhone?

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen, check out the gallery of the top hundred or so entries.

I’m the proud owner of a new iPhone 3Gs. That said, I’ve got my last iPhone, this lovely black 16GB 3G (pictured here), that I’ll no longer be using. Don’t get me wrong…I love this little sucker. I’ve lugged it over 200,000 air miles, literally around the world, and it’s taken all the daily iPhone pics that you’ve seen on my Twitter feed and Facebook fan page. She’s still in tip-top shape. It’s dear to me, but it’s time for me to give it to you.

In exchange, I want to see your photos (in the spirit, we’ll limit it to mobile devices only…iphone or any other camera phone – honor system here…) posted to my Facebook fan page. You’ve got till 12 noon on Tuesday 6/23, my time (GMT -8). On Tuesday the give away will close, I’ll pick my favorite image from all those uploaded and I’ll give that person my beloved iPhone 3G. Announced Wednesday 6/24.

To participate, you’ve got to:
1. ‘Become a fan’ on my Facebook fan page. (NOT my personal page, but the FAN page. Follow that link…)
2. Under the “wall” tab in the ‘what’s on your mind’ window atop the page, write your name and a url if you’d like.
3. In that same window, directly below where you just wrote your name, click on the ‘add photos’ icon.
4. Upload your favorite mobile image. No limit to the number of entries. Anyone can enter, from anywhere in the world.
5. When you win, I’ll send you my iphone in the mail. Easy peasy.

[I’d love to see some community love here. Don’t be a miser. Please share this. It’s really about pictures and not about the phone. Also, if you’ve got time, visit the Fan gallery and click ‘like’ to any images that inspire you. This isn’t part of the giveaway, but it seems like a nice way to look at some pretty pictures and maybe make somebody’s day.]
[Lastly, images in my iPhone gallery, shot with the iphone in question, are here. Chk ‘em.]

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