Off Topic. Unless You Like Video, Film, Music and Pop Culture…

Happy 4th of July weekend to USA readers. And to everyone, here’s an “off topic” post, unless of course you like photo, film, music, or pop culture, and then this is right on topic.

Following a wave of requests, this is a re-broadcast of a recent popular chasejarvisLIVE where I played host to two amazing and culturally relevant figures: emcee RA Scion and writer, filmmaker, and critic Charles Mudede. This video is a round table discussion that includes film, photo, and video-specific information, but since all the world (and our creative inspiration) transcends, or at least is informed by- pop culture, this piece and other forthcoming pieces like it has a far wider goal of sharing the sphere of things that inspire me, things I think you might find interesting or inspirational as well.

The round table discussion is followed by a live performance from RA Scion (Common Market, Victor Shade) doing some recent stuff off VICTOR SHADE at about the 1:48 mark.

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