49 Amazing Artists You Must Know [+ Some Other Guy & a Good Cause]

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Two weeks ago I announced a labor of love collaboration project (plus some behind the scenes photos…) that’s been underway for the past few months. It’s a group art show called Made in Polaroid 50 | 50 | 50 – top artists from photography, painting, graffiti, filmmaking, design, theater, acting, sculpture and more all have come together to raise money for Free Arts NYC, a nonprofit that provides under-served kids and families with art education, mentoring, and support. Some seriously talented & famous artists and then…uh…me, have come together to make this happen. It’s finally here. I’m so damned excited. And, to be brutally honest, I toured the final show this weekend…It is seriously badass. [do yourself a favor and scroll through the photos in viewer above when done reading this post…]

The show is open to the public, for free, and on display for 2 more days at the Phillips de Pury Gallery Space at Milk studios NYC (450 west 15th, 3rd floor), from 10am to 6pm. If you are in NYC, or tri-state area, please don’t miss it. If you are able/willing to support/donate (any amount $5, $50, $500, or anything) to support this cause, please visit FreeArtsNYC here. Everyone in the project is humbly grateful for your giving.

***note: IFF YOU ARE A SERIOUS buyer, collector, gallerist, curator or media and would like to attend the VIP auction on Wednesday night, Sept 14th at the PHillips auction location (450 Park Avenune) there are a limited handful of remaining slots. If you are in this group and would like to attend, please send an email along with a note about your credentials to info[at]chasejarvis[dot]com. I cannot promise availability, but I will forward those contacts to the event coordinators in hopes that we can get you in.

The artists featured in the show include, in alphabetical order: Chris Anthony, Damian, Aquiles, Tyra Banks, Gary Baseman, Michael Bernard, Liz Brizzi, Scott Brooks, Tory Burch, Taylor Christensen, Peter Coffin, Anne Collier, Will Cotton, Sante D’Orazio, Patrick Demarchelier, Phillip-Lorca DiCorcia, Eine, Fabrizio Ferri, James Franco, James Frey, Brad Goreski, Olaf Heine, Stella Im Hultberg, Krista Holt, Hush, Chase Jarvis, Norman Jean Roy, Sivia Ji, Joka, Eric Joyner, Kinsey, Steven Klein, Anita Kunz, Vashtie Kola, Jim Lambie, Aled Lewis, Phillip Lim, Charles Lloyd, Nate Lowman, Maripol, Marily Minter, Nico Muhly, Dabsmyla, Estevan Oriol, Billy Norrby, Alex Pardee, Hilary Pecis, Joshua Petker, Jean Pigozzi, Rob Pruitt, Brett Ratner, Joey Remmers, Risk, Matthew Rolston, Cynthia Rowley, Aaron Ruell, Natalie Shau, Jason Shawn Alexander, Joe Sorren, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Gary Taxali, Max Vadukul, Nick Walker, and Kent Williams. And that, my friends, is an effing powerhouse of a list.

Here’s a few samples of what the press are saying at: Juxtapoz Mag, CoolHunting, Nylon, DesignBoom, and Daily Du Jour to give you a taste.

Large and humble thanks. I’ll keep you posted. Please spread the word and thank you for reading.

[and don’t forget to scroll through the photos in viewer above]

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