Bio of a Commercial Shoot: 9 Days in 4.5 Minutes

Last year during our winter photo/video campaign for REI, Chase asked me to shoot a few behind the scenes stills every day to contribute to his Diary of a Shoot blog series. The following is what he got in return. This is what happens when you ask the video guy to shoot stills.

Too fast for you? Take spin through Chase’s blog series for the daily play by play of the shoot. It’s packed with useful information.

The music is “Eyes Be Closed” by Washed Out. If you dig it, you can buy it here.

Joe says:

Stills as movie — very cool concept perfectly executed.

Mike says:

I love everything about this post. So cool.

Great work Erik and CJ! This might be the closest thing to actually being there that I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the memories!

kasey says:

Absolutely love it! Totally inspirational.
How about a post on how you went about putting it together?

skier666 says:

The Washed Out tune set the perfect tone to the video of stills. How awesome is that United employee at the Denver airport on the way to Montrose? Great job.

Nick Girard says:

Nice I can dig it. I remember when this happened. I was driving across the USA and happened to be in Telly also. I was hoping to run into this crew.

Nice photo video. I like these!

faisal says:

Wow, and eventually that turns up even less when it goes on air!

michael says:

wonderful – very inspiring footage. Thanks guys!

squid says:

Your team puts out amazing work, thanks for sharing.

Sweet montage, and perfect music. How much of this piece was pre-planned? Given the number of sequential stills you were able to use, it seems like someone must have been thinking about this idea ahead-of-time.

Caleb Hutton says:

Glad you enjoyed Colorado, if you ever make it over to Grand Junction (CO) the drinks are on me!

Beautiful… loved the storyline in this time-lapse arrangement. Lot of work I’ sure…. but all worth it!

I was wondering… how can you make this sort of time-lapse effect using video? Are there any tools in final cut pro to cut parts of the video sequentially in a set interval time into a set of pics? Simply put… could you have done this with video instead of pics?

DanielKphoto says:

Super awesome Erik, very lovely video/montage of stills. Definitely a piece of art by itself!

Jonny says:

Perfect afternoon piece to chill out for 5 minutes. Loved the music sync with the framerate.

Adam says:

You guys officially have the best job in the world. I know it must be lots of hard work and the “glamour” moments come far apart and few between but the rewards must be great. Sweet stills sequence guys! Keep stuff like this coming.

Sherri says:

Ahhh Colorado, how you stir my heart! Really fun story telling in this video! Loved it.

Armaziu Radu says:

1st? now that’s what they call “the good life” great stuff, would like to see the photos thou…
p.s. its been a long time since u posted something like this…would like to see it more often. :D

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