5 Mouth-Watering, Not-For-Everyone Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes [With Photos]

For my USA friends, tomorrow is our Thanksgiving holiday where we traditionally give thanks for all that we have in life: friends, family, individuality – whatever it might be to his or her own… And I love to invite our international friends to join us in this celebration. While I normally invoke a more serious tone for this holiday – one filled with true, humble, gratitude – today is all that, but I couldn’t help thanking you in another way… by including 5 completely radical, bizarre (creative?) recipes for the traditional turkey radness… So join me in being grateful for the good things by either thinking about it or ACTUALLY trussing up a giant bird, stuffing it full of artery-clogging breading and meats and frying it in oil…with the following weird-ass, fun approaches.

We’ve highlighted five that we thought topped the now-popular deep fat fry method. And by “topped” we don’t necessarily mean these particular turkey recipes will taste better. We just mean they stretch the limits — and waistlines. [Scroll through the gallery above turkey images and recipes.]

No, I didn’t include any vegan or vegetarian “turkey” recipes/photos. Full respect to those who choose that lifestyle (tofurkey anyone?), but I’m a meat-eater at Thanksgiving.

I will say, however, that many turkeys — like chicken so many other types of livestock — often get raised in disturbing manner and environment. For those who would like to lessen the burden on their conscience this Thursday, consider checking Local Harvest for an unconventionally-raised [that is, free range, antibiotic-free] turkey near you.

Gobble, gobble!

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey: Poultry and Pork make fine bed fellows, wouldn’t you say? In this saliva-inducing recipe, P.C. at Therunawayspoon.com not only weaves a lattice-work of bacon on the exterior of the turkey, she also rubs a blend of chopped-up raw bacon, softened butter and herbs under and on top of the skin. Throw in a 2-day dry brining process and you have one moist, tasty bird.

Get the full recipe here.

Deep Fried Buffalo Turkey: You better poll the guests before you commit to this one. Not only is the turkey deep fried, it’s then bathed in a buffalo hot sauce [in this case, Frank’s hot sauce; I’m sure you can substitute for your personal favorite]. It seems fitting to eat this one while watching the football games. Blue cheese and celery is a given.

Get the full recipe at Seriouseats.com.

White Castle Turducken: With the word “turducken” firmly rooted in our lexicon, the quest to improve upon an already outrageous chicken-inside-a-duck-inside-a-turkey concept continues. This notable evolution adds an award-winning White Castle Burger Stuffing layer to the gluttony. Plan on an hour+ for deboning; the original creator suggests having a very sharp knife on hand.

Follow the original recipe steps at Groceryeats.com.

See the White Castle Turkey Stuffing recipe at WhiteCastle.com.

The TurDunkin: America may run on Dunkin, but she ain’t running anywhere after the TurDunkin. This malevolent beast is brined overnight in a hellish mixture of salt water and Coffee Coolattas, then stuffed with munchkins [I kid you not], cooked, donut glazed and covered in sprinkles. As if that isn’t enough, it gets served with coffee gravy.

See the whole ungodly process at Unwholesomefoods.com.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake: It looks like dessert, but this little beauty is the main course. Falling somewhere between a pot pie, a meatloaf and a cheese cake, the Turkey Cake layers ground turkey, sweet potato, mashed potato, cranberry sauce and stuffing and then caps it off with a marshmallow topping. I guess the inventor got tired of side dishes.

Learn how to make your own at Chow.com.

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